Written by tyga

14 Jan 2012

A bit long winded.... but need to set the scene lol

I was at my daughters farewell she was leaving our home town and coming to live with me in Adelaide. Was a backyard full of mixed ages, nearly all 20 yr olds. Alcohol was flowing and the music was loud! I was getting introduced to everyone & we all give each other hugs, as that lot always do. Only one of them hugged a little tighter than a friendly one, had his arms wrapt round me in a way that u shouldnt give ur mates mum!

During the night he always seemed to be there.... always watching me and when i caught his eye he had a sexy grin and a glint in his eye. I was starting to have thoughts about him, holding his gaze longer, but my head kept saying... u cant hes too young.

At the end of the night there were only a few left, some waiting for cabs. There were my daughter her bf, me & surprise... that guy left. She introduced me to him again. Not sure how but the subject of age came up, turns out he was a lot older than the rest of them, 10 yrs in fact, which made him 30 only 8 yrs younger than me! Without a word he knew there & then hes got me. Since my daughter & her bf were heading to the pub, this guy offered to make sure I got back ok.

He took my hand &we started to walk, as it wasnt that far to where i was staying. he stopped at the first house that had a fence and sat on it, pulled me towards him and started to kiss me, it was the most passionate kiss i had in a long time, i was like... wow. we headed on our way again, stopping now and again to kiss and have a bit of a feel.

we decided to take a short cut thru the churchyard that had large open grounds. As we neared the back of the building he led me round behind it, we kissed as his hand went up my skirt, he let out a soft moan as he felt my hairless pussy, i pulled out his cock and started to play with him, i turned around and spread my legs as he pushed his hard cock into me. He fucked me hard and fast, i reach thru my legs & play with myself, i explode, he pulls out I spin around & start to suck him, i feel his nob swell in my mouth then blows down my throat.he pulls me up and kisses me. he walks me to where i had to go, we kiss like we were luvers never about to see each other again and we say bye.