Written by oooooh1

20 Apr 2010

no. 1. few years ago i put an ad on Pinkboard, not sure of exact wording now, but was something like "voyeur seeks couples and single women to explore fantasies". suprisingly i got a couple of replies from single women! one said she "might" be interested. we talked by email for a while,she told me she was at the same uni as me, few other things. then she asked me about fantasies id like to try. I said id like to watch her through her window. remember i had never spoken to her or seen her. she agreed, and we arranged a time and she told ne where she lived. She lived in a block of units along Victoria ave. I was standing in an alley about 11pm on a week night. shed told me to look in a window on second floor from memeory. was fully expecting nothing to happen, but after a few minutesa light went on , woman in her 30s came in wearing only a towell. she looked like a petite Italian, jet black hair in a bob cut. she sat facing a mirror took the towell off and proceeded to rub some lotion into her quite large tits. it was a real turn on but i felt a bit exposed haha in the alley, had to keep looking around to make sure noone was near. she did this for about 10 mins then turned out the light.

next day we emailed, and i said it was great, she said she had been really turned on. then she asked me if i had any other fantasies.......