Written by oooooh1

18 May 2010

part 2 of no. 1. ok, she asked me by email if i had any other fantasies. i said, as a matter of fact.... so i ask her to go the gardens near her flat, which i cant remember the name of, on victoria ave on the right as u go towards richmond. I tell her to find a secluded place in the gardens and sit on a bench and read a book. she should wear a skirt and no panties. I will find her, and watch discreetly from a distance as she gives me flashes of her pussy. said she would know it was me as i would be carrying a rolled up newspaper and wearing black. hilarious really. so we set the date and approximate time. i made it to the gardens, walked around for about 10 minutes, finally i see her, seated on a bench mostly surrounded by large ferns and trees. im sure its her, but not entirely. i let her see me by walking past, then stand and watch from behind a fern bush. she reads the book for a while, them as she crosses her legs i glimpse a gorgeous pussy, very short jet black hair. we do this for about 10 minutes, her never looking a me. she then closes the book,gets up and walks about 10 meters. We have not spoken before, but i walk behind her and say hi or something she turns around, smiles. i walk up to her and give her a hug. then i lift her skirt up and admire her pussy. notice that she is so wet its actually dripping out her pussy in a long stream.she then turns and goes. we then talk on email the next night...