Written by Fitmelb88

10 Jan 2016

It was a nice sunny Saturday afternoon in Melbourne when I arrived at April's house. We had been sending flirty texts back and forth for days after meeting online and my heart was racing knowing that alot of built up sexual tension was about to get released. I was dressed casually in a blue t shirt and a pair of black shorts....i knocked on the door.

My heart was racing, as i heard footsteps coming towards the door, the unmistakable click of someone in high heals walking on floorboards. The door opened slowly, by jaw nearly hit the floor. There she stood, all 6 ft of her (i still get hard just thinking about it). Her long wavy red hair, her pail white skin...she answered the door wearing nothing but a pair of red lacey bra, maching knickers and red heels.

We exchanged greetings and a peck on the cheek as I made my way in. We went to the lounge room and sat on the couch and it was on! I placed my hands on her cheeks and kissed her soft wet lips. She kissed back and wrapped her arms around my neck. We kissed passionately as my hands wondered down the sides of her soft sexy body as she then undid her bra and took it off exposing her small perky boobs. Next thing I know she's on her back on the couch as i rip my t shirt off over my head and throw it on the floor. She moaned as i kissed her neck. She ran her hands through my hair as i ran my lips over her body, taking my time laying soft gentle kisses over her body.  I kissed the inside of her thighs and worked my way up to her pussy, her moans getting loader as i kissed her already moist pussy through her panties. I slowly pulled her panties off down her legs, the silk almost gliding over her soft skin. I held her close my her thighs as i slide my tongue into her pussy. She was tight and wet. I could feel her pulling at my hair as she arched her back. My tongue slowly sliding in and out of her juicy pussy. "I'm gonna cum!" She gasped but I kept going. I held her steady as she wriggled around me. Her warm cum in my mouth tasted great, she twisted and turned as she cum, her moans getting loader and loader as she came...

When she was done I crawled back up her sweaty sticky body and kissed her again so she could taste herself. I whispered in her ear, "are you ready for me to fuck you?", "oh god yes!" She exhaled.

I took her hand and helped her to her feet, we walked around to the side of the couch where I bent her over. She held onto the arm of the couch and spread her legs. She looked back at me and smiled as she raised her hips and shook that perfect arse of hers at me. I was ready to explode!

I grabbed my hard cock and slowly rubbed it against her pussy, teasing her. She moaned and arched her back again. I slowly slid the knob of my cock in her moist pussy. Slowly and gently I slid my cock all the way inside her, she continued to moan my name. Begging me to fuck her. I grabbed her hips and slowly pulled my cock out half way and slamming it back into her. I held her tight as I continued to ram my hard cock harder and harder into her.

I could feel myself about to cum, "i cumming baby!" I groaned. "Me too bad, don't stop!" She ordered. I finally  shoot my warm sticky load into her pussy as i rammed into her one last time. I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock as she also came. We stood there panting for a second then I slowly pulled my cock out of her, cum dripping on the floorboards beneath us.

We both collapsed on the couch, holding each other close until I had to leave.

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