Written by phi neal

23 Feb 2013

Well now, I have been on a few websites for a while now, and recently messaged and received back a reply from a woman, whose profile said she had been married for 11 years and her husband had not spanked her in all that time.

Well what is a guy to do but offer to remove that burden from those neglected cheeks.

We emailed a few times then moved to messenger and txt messaging, getting more and more suggestive and pretty soon out right filthy and demanding on my part.

She soon fell into calling me "Sir". Now I am not one to take advantage of someone immediately, but as soon as this was spontaneously said I pointed out that she needed to be careful and understand the consequences of saying such thing to people, strangers on the net especially. It turned out that she had been introduced to BDSM before her marriage and after failing to get her hubby to even spank her she buried those feeling, and I guess the resentment etc was part of the reasons she left him.

However, we kept messaging and txting her submissive nature coming out more and more, and her compliance to my requests becoming nearly instantaneous, in the end she had sent me numerous photos and videos of her naked in various states of arousal and even a short video of her masterbating her very sensitive clit at work.

After talking some more we agreed that we would meet at Docklands, for coffee at least and no hard feelings if we didnt get along, well I dont know if she believed that was ever going to happen as I knew by her manner on the phone etc that it was a certain thing that we would be returning to her place to re-ignite her passion for being spanked.

Now I must confess I have had a number of relationships in the BDSM area, and was wonderfully aroused and excited about this rather unexpected development, as I was just on a site for fun and games and never really considered travelling down this path.

Well given my responsibility I took it seriously and nipped to Sexy land, I know they only sell play toys there, but for this I thought they would be enough, nipple clamps a silicone/rubber flogger and some small golden balls I know just toys, where purchased.

I sent a picture of my new purchases to her, and she immediately wanted to have me bring them as she had only ever been spanked by hand before.

Well Saturday morning arrived and I showered shaved and trimmed where needed and set out to Docklands, She txted me what she was wearing and indeed arrived 10 minutes early.

I called her and while talking to her on the phone walked up and slapped her on her back side making her jump. We made small talk for a moment then I led her to the small lift to go to the 1 st level for a walk around and a chat.

This was also a chance to ensure she was complying with my command of no underwear, as soon as we entered the lift I had my hand under her waist band of her skirt to find a pleasantly warm very wet puffy lipped pussy waiting for my finger to slip into. This caused the first of many moans I would hear that afternoon, fortunately the lift took seconds to raise and the doors opened as I removed my hand and let her suck my finger.

We walked once around the upper level and I detailed what would happen if we went back to her place, as we returned to the lift, I asked do you wish to go somewhere private, she gasped yes as I pinched her nipple.

Being aware that this little subbie was nervous and quite frankly wasn’t really convinced herself what she wanted, I followed her to her house in Footscray, and gave her the option as we were about to cross the freshold into her place .

I made her look into my eyes explained what was going to happen if she invited me in and made her make the decision, needless to say she invited me in.

We entered and she put her bag down and turned to me, I put my hand behind her neck and pulled her forward for a hot passionate kiss, sucking her lip, and her tongue as it responded.

I broke the kiss and told her to stand legs apart arms by her side while I walked around her studying this play thing. A light bite on the nape of her neck and a pinch of both nipples from behind, had her squirming and moaning again.

I walked to the front of her and told her to strip, she was slowly taking her top off and going to fold it, I pulled it from her hand and threw it to the floor, “I told you to strip not undress and fold your clothes”.

I let her finish as she dropped the rest of her clothes to leave herself standing naked legs apart and arms now over her head, as she had seen on websites apparently.

I spent quite a few minutes touching pinching caressing every inch of her body, some hot and hard places and one very wet slippery place that was exquisitely tight.

Now she had sent me a brief description of a situation she had previously so I recreated it for her, I pinched a nipple and pulled her to a wall to leave her hands on the wall. Legs still spread I stood close to her from behind and started playing with her slick lips, slipping a finger deep into her, my other hand had slipped up to cup her left breast rolling the nipple and stretching her breast. I let my hand move to her face and gently stroked her face slipping my thumb between her lips which she automatically started to gently suck. Pulling my thumb away, I let my hand slip down to her throat and gently gripped her and pulled her head back, as she had described to me previously, with my right hand still busy between her now sopping quivering legs she was moaning and had a started to shake, “this was apparently a sign of her arousal and something I encountered all afternoon”. I continued to play with her pussy and eventually moved to a position where I could reach her clitoris and found that it was very sensitive, within a few moments of me gently circling it beneath its hood she grunted loudly and screamed, and I found myself half holding her upright as her knees partially gave way, I had to release the pressure on her throat as to let her straighten herself up. After telling her that she responded wonderfully to me, I informed her to get us both cool drinks.

While she was at the fridge I unpacked my little bag of goodies, 2 silk ties, the new nipple clamps, flogger and condoms and lube. She saw me putting them on the side table when she brought me my drink and then assumed her same stance in the middle of the floor legs spread.

I was hard and ready to have her, so I had her undress me, she undid my shirt buttons quickly, and had learned and just dropped my shirt to the floor, she then went for my belt and trousers, removing my belt she went to throw it with her clothes away from us, but I told her to drop it close. She complied and removed my trousers, I was hard and already wet as she pulled my trousers and briefs down in one motion. I grabbed her head and with my other hand wiped my wet cock head across her lips which immediately parted and her tongue tried to catch the string trailing between her cheek and my cock.

I pushed my cock head against her lips which she opened and I sank fully into her mouth my hand ensuring she had to swallow and gag before I let her take control and begin to suck and lick me from my balls to the tip.

I was enjoying this immensely, but had other ideas, I pulled away and when she looked up at me from her knees, I instructed her to go and put the red silk shoes she had on as a profile pic, on and return to me.

She got up immediately and went to a cupboard in the bedroom I could see through the door and watched as she pulled a number of boxes out and then put one to the side and proceeded to put the others back in.

Now I am pretty sure I told her to put them on and come back to me, so looking around the open plan living room, I went and sat on the leather couch, next to the broad arm, as she entered a minute or so later I informed her to come lie on my lap across the arm of the chair, she did so but very gingerly.

Once laying across me I slid my hand between her legs and played with her still erect and very slippery clit, causing more moans and that shaking to start again. As we had already discussed by mail etc, I informed her why she was about to receive a severe spanking, as well as the clothes and other things I had already told her she needed spanking for, I informed her that she had kept me waiting while being a neat freak with her shoe boxes.

I continued to play with her clit making the moans and shaking increase to where I thought she was about to cum, now I could not have that and quickly removed my hamd and proceeded to spank her hard on each cheek 5 times.

Her reaction was that of utter shock and panic, her whole body tensed and her stomach raised off my very hard wet cock, until the next strke which drove her back down and elicited a small cry and a intense clenching of her cheeks together, now here again I had already instructed her that to do so would result in her pussy being spanked. So I instructed her so and slipped my hand under her body to play with a very hard nipple, while doing so I instructed her to put her hands on her cheeks and spread them apart, after a minute or so wriggling and rolling to move her arms down she had her cheeks spread and her slippery ass on view to me. It looked delicious but I had time to wait as there were more pressing issues at hand. I again slipped my hand between her legs and played with her sodden lips and hard throbbing clit and then smeared more pussy juices over her sphincter, pressing just enough to make her cheeks squeeze my hand, now I know that wasn’t fair as I had made a commitment not to penetrate her there on our first encounter, and I did not intend to this time, but it gave me the extra leverage to ensure she understood why I was going to spank her ass and pussy at once. Now in this position it was very difficult and awkward to ensure the palm of my hand landed right on her ass, to allow my fingers to reach under and hit her puffy lips enough to make her jump and squirm, I had already told her to move her hands would result in a more severe pussy spanking using the flogger as well as my hand while bent over with her spreading herself, so she managed to keep the require position.

After five strokes across her sphincter and pussy lips I was ready, I pushed her off me and onto her knees at the arm of the couch and told her to assume a position on all fours head down ass right up and hips down.

I took this oppurtunity to pick one of my ties and use it as a basic blindfold. I spent the next five or so minutes teasing her body and pussy with my hands tongue and cock as well as a few well placed but gentle strokes with the flogger, watching her body react to the flogger was a joy, the oww oohhh as the flogger hit her ass and flicked under to her lips and clit was wonderful. And the jerk of her stomach and shoulders as it flicked against her breasts and nipples from the side. I somehow managed to gently flog her back, legs, inner thighs and the soles of her feet as I had her throw her shoes across the room.

Then I played with her ass with my slippery cock head, watching her body tighten with the suspense of the will he question in her mind.

I finally relented as much for my sake as hers as I was literally dripping onto her and the floor.

I positioned myself behind her spanking each cheek harshly till it glowed, then lifted her hips high positioned myself between her lips and in one very swift hard motion pushed her down so her head and breasts were on the carpet, keeping myself deep within her I adjusted to the sensation of a new pussy surrounding my cock and began to luxuriously slowly fuck her, easing the pressure on her neck and shoulders as I gripped her hips and pulled her back to all fours.

We where soon both grunting and sweating as I fought my impending orgasm, with the way her body was shaking I could tell and the little yelps and grunts from her she was close, I had to cum first so I pulled out quickly and sp[anked her ass a number of times making her cry out in frustration more than anything else, before pushing myself back into her and roughly fucking her till I came gloriously.

I kept slowly stroking into her as I recovered and told her she could now cum, a few minutes later and after the addition of her own hand back on her clit she grunt/screamed loudly, and fell forward, I fell on top of her and gently bite the nape of her sweaty neck.

“Well done fuck toy” I said.

this was the first hour, we met at 3pm I left her place at 8pm.