Written by candybaker

13 Aug 2014

Hello all been awhile since i have wrote a story but i hope you like this little bit of me as i did when this happened :).

It has been awhile since i put on a outfit but i wanted to surprise him, i wanted to see his reaction and maybe a big bulge in his pants as i come along in the lounge room wearing my purple corset and black mini skirt with my skull stockings. I saw his eyes light up and i give him a twirl to show him that i am his for the night so i bent over a little his hands rose towards my ass and that's when he got so excited noticing my underwear is no where to be seen.

i went to the bedroom turned on the lamp and took off my corset so he can see my luscious nipples ready for his tongue to run along and maybe suckle. He took off his clothes joined me and caressed my body with absolute desire with his hard cock in my hands all i could think of was mounting this man and that i did i straddled him and with my little confidence being on top. i moved my hips slowly at first then faster and faster with my lips kissing his lips i then moved so i sat up chest out and grinded on his thick cock hmm felt amazing. i then moved onto my back when he went on top of me put my legs up whispered in my ear saying do you like this cock in you and with a whimper of joy yes i do.

with deep penetration with amazing orgasms and with different positions this girl was still horny even after he blew his load deep inside her(no condom since the trust is there ). so i got my wand (toy) and started rubbing on my clit then he whispered about a fantasy in my ear and then i squirted so much all over him and the bed (lucky towels saved the bed). he then bent me over slide his cock into my wet very wet pussy where he made me cum and cum and cum again.

it was the best sex ever and i just wanted to share with you all.