4 Jan 2019

While performing my regular workout at my local gym I met a guy who I had seen here on several occasions. As you do we started to chat, he appeared to be a nice guy and had a body you would die for (well at least play with). Over a period of a few weeks we were getting along really well and chatting each morning. Let’s call him “W”, W had a nice firm chest and I couldn’t help notice the nice sized bulge down stairs.
One morning while working out I noticed W walk in, he came up to me and said good morning as he usually did, then with a gulp he said to me “I had a dream about you last night”, I replied “really”, he gulped again and looked really nervous and said “I did, in my dream you were bending over and I pulled out my dick and you began to suck it”, I looked him in the eyes and I could tell it took him a lot of courage to tell me that. So I replied “That sounds very interesting”. We both smiled at each other and I kept on with my routine. On the way home I was thinking about W, I arrived home and told hubby what had occurred, hubby had a surprised look on his face then it changed to excitement. Hubby said to me “why don’t you arrange a private meet with him”. I replied “you don’t mind” “not at all” he said with a big smile on his face.
The next morning I went to the gym with great anticipation of seeing W and if he was interested in meeting with me outside the gym, well I didn’t have to wait too long as I was about quarter of the way through my normal routine when W walked in, he smiled at me and said good morning. I smiled back and said to him “I have something to ask you” he looked me in the eyes and said “go ahead”. “about your dream would you like to live it” W looked surprised and then he replied “sure would”, I said “OK, let’s meet tomorrow morning” W agreed and I noticed his bulge in his shorts appeared to become bigger (I think someone maybe excited). We had arranged to meet a local park at 5am. When I saw hubby later that afternoon I told him about the plans I had made with W, hubby was happy.
4am the next morning I bounced out of bed, had a shower, packed my gym gear and hoped in the car leaving hubby in bed a sleep. I arrived at the park about ten to five, a couple of minutes later W arrived. He hopped out of his car and approached me, oh my heart was pumping with the thought of what was about to occur. W gave me a kiss so I kissed him back (passionately), I went to the boot of my car pulled out a picnic rug, took hold of W’s hand and said “let’s go up to those trees”, W agreed. As we walked up to the trees W placed his hand on my ass grabbing it tight, he looked at me and said “you don’t have any undies on”, I replied “no I don’t”. We got to the trees, laid out the picnic rug out then the kissing started again. W was running his hands all over my body and playing with my breasts, I lowered my hands and started rubbing his groin and his bulge was getting bigger. Then W raised my arms and asked “do you mind” “of cause not” I said and with that W slid my dress of over my head exposing my fully naked body, he smiled and gave me another passionate kiss then went straight for my breasts sucking on my very erect nipples, he looked very happy as I know I was. I let have his little play with my breasts before it was my turn to undress him, I lifted his arms and slid his T shirt off, wow want a chest and a six pack this man had, now it was time to release the pressure in his shorts, so I slid down his body and gently grabbing the elastic of his shorts and slowly lowered them taking his undies at the sometime. All of a sudden his cock popped out and it was staring me straight in the face. It was dark but there was more than enough light to see all. This man had a beautiful looking cock (as cocks go) and a big heavy ball sack. I am on my knees and W is standing, so I sad to W “here’s to making your dream come true” and with that I slowly placed my lips around his cock, his body shivered as I slowly took his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. He moaned and grabbed my head firmly then started to slide his cock in and out of my mouth, slowly picking up the pace.
After a while I released his cock from my mouth and stood up asking him “aren’t you glad you told me about your dream” he replied “I sure am”. We had a couple of more passionate kisses then W gently laid me down on the picnic rug, he started kissing me again then slowly worked his way down to my boobs taking turns of sucking each nipple (oh this felt good), while he was doing this his right-hand had moved down to my pussy to where he had inserted a couple of fingers and started to thrust them in and out. I was so excited by now and all I wanted was to feel his hard cock inside of me. So I whispered into his ear “fuck me” he looked at me and said “I have no protection and I don’t want to get you pregnant” I replied “I’m on the pill” ”are you sure” W said, “definitely” was my reply. Without any hesitation W positioned himself between my legs then gently sliding his cock into my awaiting pussy. He started thrusting as men do getting faster and faster, oh boy did he feel good, I was enjoying every second of this. Suddenly he stopped, withdrew and went down on me, Oh my God this was Heaven, his tongue was magical and it made me cum. After I came he slid his cock back into me and started pounding my pussy again, this once again brought to the edge of excitement so I couldn’t help myself and I came again. This time as I came W ejaculated in me to his surprise. Poor W looked nervous so I told him “it’s was fine, I wanted you to cum in me, hope your OK with that” “I am now, your pussy felt so good I couldn’t hold back” he replied. He laid on top of me for a little with his cock still in my pussy. So I knew I had every last drop of his cum inside me and it felt like a lot. It was now starting to get a lighter, when W slowly rolled off me onto his back. I looked down and saw his cock and wow it was still very erect and glossy, W looked at me gave me a kiss and then another (this man really liked to kiss and he was good at it), I said to him “we still have some time before it’s to light, your still hard, I’m still horny, would you like to do me again doggy style” W looked surprised, he rolled over and kissed me again then said “love too, never thought you would ask” (as he was pulling on my nipples).
I rolled over onto all fours and pointed my dripping pussy in his direction. W wasted no time and inserted his cock back in, it took no effort on his behalf as he had lubricated me very well the first time. W now had a really firm grip with both hands on my hips and had complete control of how fast and deep he went, this man’s cock felt so good as he was hitting all the right places, my eyes felt like rolled back in my head as he made me cum again, not long after W ejaculated again deep within me. He kept pound for a little while longer before stopping, he still had a very firm grip of my hips with his hands and he couldn’t have his cock any deeper in me if he tried, I could feel his cock pulsing and releasing even more cum into my pussy. W slowly released his grip on my hips and withdrew his cock, we both laid back down on the picnic rug and had another passionate kiss. I lowered my left hand and touched his still very firm cock, it was very wet and sticky. I knew we had to leave but I couldn’t help myself, I slid down the rug taking his cock in my mouth once again, this time I was cleaning him. So much cum covered his cock it was wonderful (I didn’t miss a drop). After I finished cleaning him we both got dressed (well I slid my dress back on anyway), folded up the picnic rug and walked back to our cars. On the way back I said to W “now was that better than your dream” “it sure was as in my dream you only gave me a head job and I actually got a whole lot more, thank you” he said with the biggest smile on his face, “your welcome” I replied.
As we got to the car’s W said he was going home as he had no energy left for the gym, I smiled and said “see you tomorrow” “you sure will” W replied. We kissed and hoped in our cars and left. I was going to go to the gym but I too went straight home to fine hubby sitting on the front step having a coffee while waiting for me to return. Hubby asked how it went, I smiled and took his hand placing on my pussy, hubbies eyes lit up “WOW” he went “that’s very wet and warm” he said, “it sure is” I replied. Hubby put down his coffee hoped up and we both went inside, hubby put his coffee in the kitchen then I took his hand and led him to our bedroom, took of my dress and I laid down on our bed on my back in front of hubby then slowly spreading my legs for hubby to see all. Hubbies eyes lit up and asked “how many times did you two do it” “twice” I replied “there is cum still dripping out of your pussy” “he really had a load” hubby said with excitement in his voice. I knew what hubby was about to do and he didn’t disappoint, he went down on me cleaning out (it took him awhile but I didn’t mind as my pussy was getting more attention and made me cum again). After hubby finished cleaning me he too had his turn, hubby had no problem inserting his cock as my pussy still had a lining of W’s cum. Hubby was enjoying himself way too much and he didn’t take very long to also ejaculate in me. After hubby rolled off I cleaned his cock as well, a very interesting taste I may say a combination of W’s and hubbies cum, very nice. Three loads within an hour and a half, I was one happy woman. Saw W at the gym the following day and we have caught up serval more times for our own private morning workouts which hubby enjoys.