10 Jul 2019

I was way, up in Central NSW on a routine round of Client visits. As usual, I'm watching a Netflix on my phone, which is mounted off the windscreen and connected via blue tooth. My car's sound system, being German is fucking awesome. Like a home cinema. Those long straight roads are made less boring this way. I'm good at keeping one eye on the road and one on the phone. My car has a thing called adaptive cruise which keeps the steering between the lines and automatically accelerates and brakes, based on what it sees ahead. Expendables 2. What an awesome action thriller.

Lucky for me I have a third eye for sexy people. In the distance, I see a white singlet, partly hidden by long blonde hair. As I get closer, I see a back pack, sitting above a tiny pair of black shorts. She stops and puts out her thumb. Holy shit, the nearest town is well over 100k away. What was she doing way out here? Because I swag everywhere, my car looks like a BCF store. Not much free space. I hesitate. But I can't leave her way out here. Fuck. So I slow and wait for her. I lower the passenger window and say "Gi'day. What are you doing all the way out here?" She looks at me not understanding. Oh shit, she doesn't speak English. I know a bit of Japanese and Spanish. She sure wasn't Asian, I'll tell you that. Habla Espanol? "Ci, she replies. "No Englase?". "Un poco". She replies. Right. She spoke a little English. I revert to Espanglish. I had worked in Spain and dove deep into the memory banks.

There was no point asking if she needed a lift. That was clear. I re-arranged the front seat. "Lo Siento. Uno momento". She gets in and puts her pack at her feet. She would be around 30. Her hair is dyed blonde, with dark roots, that are slowly re-taking over. Her completion is olive. Typically Spanish. Tanned and fit. Black eyes and full lips. Very beautiful. Fuck, I had only unloaded myself half an hour earlier ... lol. Oh well. She didn't seem the type anyway. Far too serious.

I get back on the road. I leave the Netflix alone and put on the radio instead. It was awkward, because we couldn't have a normal conversation. I started regretting picking her up. How was I going to get rid of her? I tried to ask her where she was heading. But I couldn't remember the proper words. She gets out her phone, hits an app and speaks Spanish into it. English appears. "What did you ask?" Then she hits it again and holds it to my face. "Where are you heading?" It asks her in Spanish and that is how we starting conversing. So clever. She was heading North with no particular destination. Looking for food picking work.

She told me about her home was in Spain - Madrid. She was a Doctor having just finished specializing in Pediatrics. How fascinating. I told her about my job. She sounded genuinely interested. Although we were chatting properly, I couldn't take my eyes off her cleavage. She had lovely firm boobs. Being held up by a black lacy push up bra. No doubt dressed to attract a driver to stop and pick her up. Her last ride had been a truckie, who had turned east, not far back. I was doing my best to not appear needy. But it was freaking hard, trust me. I tried to let her drive the conversation.

At the next town, we pulled up for juice and a coffee. She offered me money. I said no. I'm working. It is all covered. No problem. She immediately expressed her appreciation with the most beatific smile. Wow, such lovely teeth. I almost fell in love. We hopped back in and again headed North. We were between Parkes and Dubbo. By my reckoning, we would get to Dubbo around 7.30, so that is where I was going to pull up for the night. I told her this and asked her she wanted to do. She turned to me and asked if she could hang with me. I asked no more questions.

My usual routine, is to either find a caravan park or a river and camp. Given I had company, I headed to the Big 4 which always has really good, clean facilities. I imagined she would want to have a nice shower and a good feed. I picked up some bbq meat, salad and grog at Woolies and drove to the park. It takes me half an hour to set up my various tarps, table, chair, swag and so on. She helped and got out her own sleeping bag. No pillow. I was impressed. This girl was tough. Not even a ground sheet. We had drinks and chatted. My Spanish had improved. We were now only using her phone when I was in uncharted territory. I cooked and we ate. She loved the barby, saying it reminded her of her Uncle's cooking. He lived in a country town outside of Madrid on an orchard. More drinks, music. We started laughing at each other. It was way after dark, about 10 o'clock. I tell her I need to get some sleep. She agreed. I climbed into my swag and nodded off, not really noticing what she was doing.

Not sure how long, but some time later, I woke up hearing the zip moving on the cover of my swag. No words are spoken. She climbs in next to me and unzips my sleeping bag, hops in and wraps it around us. She is still dressed the same, but puts her arms around me. It was a bit cold. I assume this is why. So I get her into spoon position, return the cuddle and close my eyes again. There was no way in hell I was going to sleep with this angel laying so close. I feel her breath on my face. She is moving hers close to mine. It is completely dark. All we have is touch. I wait. Then her lips find mine. We kiss softly at first. testing each other. Then her mouth opens and she finds my tongue with hers. This time, we kiss passionately.

Her body is responding to mine. I move my lips down to her neck and kiss her there, then put my tongue in her ear. She groans. "Bonita, bonita, mucho por fabor". I reach down and slowly slide off her top. She unclips her bra and lets it go. My mouth finds her left nipple. Hmmmm, so hard and ready. Her smell was a little musky. She mustn't have had a shower for a few days. That turned me on even more. I remember reading about Napoleon when he was nearing home, after 2 years at war. He sent a scout ahead to tell Josephine, not to bath. Hmmmmmmm.

After caressing her boobs for a while, I took off my shirt. She felt my muscles and visibly groaned. It was her turn to suck my nipples. Love it! Her hand ventured down to my trackies. Right through, she went, to grasp my cock, with a firm grip. I pull them down and let her have her way. Even though my swag is a king single, we were going to be restricted. Neither of us minded. I got her tiny shorts off. No knickers. No hair. She was thoroughly wet through. Her smell was a mixture of old sweat, fresh puss juice and perfume. So tantalizing. I worked my hand between her legs. She arched her back and kissed me again, ripping at my cock with both hands. Fuck this. Fuck the foreplay. I climbed on top of her. She said "Ci. Ci. Ci!". Her legs naturally spread open and I guided my cock to find her hole. That was not difficult. In he slid. We went at it like teenagers. Half an hour, on and off. She had, I reckon, 14 or 16 orgasms. Just normal lovely ones. When I finally blew my load in her, we laid in that position for another 5 minutes. Then we got side by side, spooned and feel asleep.

I woke to bird song. It was just before dawn, about 5.30am. My mind went through previous events. I felt an arm around me and warm flesh against me. Oh yes, the Spaniard. Still asleep. I reached up gently and unzipped the top part of the swag, to let some light in. She was so beautiful, in her slumber. She looked so content. I just laid there and watched her sleep; feeling the heat from her body on mine. Half an hour went by. I snoozed on and off, but always waking to look at her angelic face. Around 6.15 her eyes opened. She looked up at me and smiled. Her arms tightened around me and she moved her body closer. "Bona dia". She whispered. "Bona dia, bonita. " I answer. She leans her head into mine and we kiss. We both have morning breath, but who fucking cares. I'm loving this.

We are both horny again. I think more, because there is light and we can see other. I unzip the swag cover so we have more room. We embrace. I put my hand between her legs. She is wet, really wet. Her smell now has stale sperm in the mix. I move myself down to lick her. My lips find her clit. So hard and perky. I suck her and use my tongue to massage her hole. She is writhing in my arms, as I suck her. More orgasms. More fresh juice. Her smell shifts again. More floral now. She pulls me back up, to embrace position and holds me tight; looking into my eyes. Oh no. I know that look. Hm. So what. We are getting things on and loving each other. So I go with it.

Her turn. She moves down to position her head at my crotch. Her hand grasps my cock and guides it into her mouth. She starts by sucking the head only and using her tongue to rim my clit. Oh fuck! So awesome. She really knew what she was doing. I feel a swell in my balls. Not yet mate. Please. I want to enjoy her. I let her go for another 10 minutes, but when my balls start talking again, I pull her back up to me. She gives me a look. "Problemo?" She asks. "No bonita. Necessite non rapida". "Entiende" She responds. We lay together just fondling and kissing each other. I place my hand around her arse and spread her cheeks. "Ci Ci". I take that as permission. With plenty of puss juice, I start playing with her anus. She squirms showing pleasure. My index finger penetrates. Deeper, then middle finger. Then ring finger. All three almost all the way in. Slowly fucking her with my fingers, loosening her. She opens her legs and leans back, grabbing my cock again, which had got hard. "Fuck me there now?" What???!! She spoke perfect English...!

This shocked me. "You speak English?" "Yes, you idiot. It took you long enough." I slapped her arse. She giggled. "Come on soldier. Give me that cock. You know what to do". So I get her on her stomach. Punishment is deserved. I get my cock, which is harder than ever and position his head against her ring hole. She reaches behind and spreads herself. Instead of being gentle, I ram him in. "Ouch!" She yells. I push him in very deep and start fucking her with no mercy. She whimpers, then goes quiet. I keep fucking her arse, unrelenting. After 2 or 3 minutes, her sounds change. A growl starts in her throat, like a big cat. She pushes herself against me. She has her right hand down there between her legs, working her pussy. "Aaaaahhhhhh yes babe. Don't stop. Go harder". So I punish her more. By now, I'm fucking her arse literally as hard as I am physically able. I'm starting to lose breath and sweat. "Come on you cunt, fuck me harder!!" Fuck me. She is an animal. I keep it up. But only for another few minutes. She is coming like a fountain. Again, I feel the itch, the swell. In a very short time, I am overwhelmed by a massive ejaculation/orgasm that lasts and lasts while I keep jamming her arse.

We collapse. She grins at me. "You are a fucking idiot. I'm not Spanish. I'm from Melbourne." Did I give a fuck where she was from?