Written by Lee_grant

10 Apr 2012

A Lot More Guys Then I Know About... And I've Heard Of At Least 50

Posted April 2nd, 2012 at 12:54AM

By: bingman

Age: 31-35, Man

When I first meet my wife, she seemed like the shy conservative type and these days, she is. I never used to like hearing anything about her past as I would get a little jealous and angry, but after a few years I started to get as horny as I've been and could not stop thinking about her fucking someone else. To this day I would love her to go out and pick up another guy but for some reason she just flat refuses to take the opportunity to sleep with someone else, so all I can hope for is the odd story of her past. When I first started to bring up the topic of her past lovers she would say things like "that's the past and I can't remember" but as time went on, every time I would ask her I would grab her hand and put it on my cock to let her know how hard I get thinking about her and other guys. Since then I will sometimes hold her to ransom when she is horny and make her tell me a horny story from the past.

My wifes first ever time being fucked was in a park after a party where the guy tried using a condom but it was hurting her and he couldn't get his cock in or hard enough, so after 10-15 mins of mucking around, he took the condom off and fucked her properly and blew his load deep inside of her. Since then, my wife has refused to use condoms, which is risky but, so fucking horny knowing that every guy she has been fucked by has blown a load inside my wife. The next guy she fucked was her best friends brother, and when he broke up with her she let his older brother fuck her to piss him off. After this, she slept with around 6 other guys before she turned 18 and started going out clubbing. This is where it gets interesting. Once she realized how much fun it was to pick up guys, I'm guessing she just got addicted to it. She had told me she had only slept with around 30 guys but, then admitted 1 night that it was more around the 50 mark. This turned me on so much I blew my load in around 10 seconds ( literally). She admitted that she would go out at least every Friday night and Saturday night and pick up a different guy each time. She told me that this went on for only 6 months but just recently I've found out whilst out with friends for dinner that they were going out clubbing for over 7 years before I meet her. Her friend said that they only missed around 4-5 weekends a year. My wife was very stressed out about me finding this out as that would put her tally at around 94 guys a year and after 7 years that would be 658 guys plus the 9 before she turned 18. She has since admitted that alot of the guys were guys she had slept with before but has also told me that other then her first bf and her bf before me the most times any one else has fucked her is 5 times and other then that only 1 other guy fucked her 3 times and the rest have been only once or twice. So this makes me think that it would have to be around the 400 mark, all without protection. To be continued.