Written by Lee_grant

14 Apr 2012

The next story I will share with you happened the day I meet my wife. We meet at a music festival but late in the day and as much as I tried just couldn't get her to come back to my house. Little did I know it was because she had already been invited to a guy friend of hers place to party after the festival. We caught the train home together but I had to get off before she did. After she left me her and her girl friend went along to the party where things were allready getting spicy before they even arrived. When they knocked on the door a guy answered the door wearing nothing but thongs and sporting a massive hard on. Apparently he had taken Viagra and was bet by his mates that he wouldn't spend the whole night with it out. The girls laughed and then joined the group for some tunes and drinking games. After a few different games were played they played a card game where certain cards meant you had to skull , remove clothing etc etc but the queen of hearts allowed you to make a rule of your choice. After a few cards were chosen, one of the guys came across the queen a decided that whoever picked out the jack of spades had to measure the guy who had taken the viagras cock in front of everyone. The next few cards went by untill one of the guys picked out the jack of spades and everyone erupted in laughter. To the guys credit he did it and it just exceeded 9 inches. After all the cards had been done they decide to play again. This time the guy who had to do the measuring picked the queen and made a rule that if either of the 2 girls picked the jack then they had to fuck the Viagra guy on the rug in front of everyone. As you probably have worked out my wife picked it and had to fuck this guy in front of around 10 guys and her best friend. The guy decided to get her ready and removed her clothes before going down on her and bringing her to climax. He then started rolling on a condom to which my wife said no deal. No condom or no deal ( she hates condoms with a passion). This brought a round of applause and then the guy straddled her and started to fuck her. She said the feeling of being watched by so many guys made her whole body get goose bumps and go all tingly and in no time was having a massive orgasm just from the sheer naughtiness of the situation. The guy fucking her was a great stayer and fucked her for a good hour but in between she had six guys who had been wanking blow there cum on her face before the guy fucking her finally unloaded inside her. She laid there for a little while before Another guy tried to jump on. She had to stop him as she was just too sore. She decided to go and clean herself off and head home. The next day I contacted her not having a clue what had happened the night before and organized to take her out that night and ended up fucking her for the first time. Now I know what happened inbetween me meeting her and fucking myself for the first time it drives me wild just to think about it.

Anyhow, I've showed my wife these stories I've posted and we've discussed why they turn

Me on so much and that the thought of her getting fucked by other guys makes my dick just want explode that she has decided she will start fucking other guys but only if I can get 50 or more likes and reply msgs. So do me a huge favour and reply or like theses stories, cheers. Oh, and there is so many more stories to be posted real soon.