Written by Lee_grant

12 Apr 2012

In part 1 i gave you all an insight into what sort of girl my wife used to be and now I'll start telling some of the hornier story's she has shared with me. 1 night my wife was with a few of her friends at the club they attended regularly when a group of guys decided to share there table. Straight away the guys were making moves on the girls and within an hour 1 of the guys had my wife on the dance floor with his tounge down his throat. This went on for around ten mins until he decided to lead her towards the quiet and dark area near a stage. This guy wasn't shy and soon had her seated on his lap with a few fingers buried deep inside her. My wife was getting quite game and UN buckled his belt and released what she called a weapon from his pants. She slowly turned him with his back to the crowd and starting bouncing on his cock untill finally she had his massive cock buried inside of her. She sat like this for a min or 2 just girating on his cock untill she had a huge orgasm. After this he wanted to blow his load so he picked her up with his cock still buried inside and moved behind the stage curtains and then fucked her as hard as he could, blowing his load deep inside of her. When he was finished he immediately jumped off and left her there. She cleaned herself up and discreetly made her way back to the table. After a few more drinks she decided to leave the club and get a taxi home. While waiting for a taxi a big guy asked her where she was headed and when she told him he told her only lived a few streets away and that they should share a taxi. When they arrived at his house he invited her in for a few drinks and to listen to some music. She says he was very good looking so thought why not. Once inside he made his intentions clear and started stroking her arm before leaning in and putting his toungue down her throat. She remembered then that she had already been fucked and didn't want this guy to know so she dropped down, unzipped his pants and tried to give him a blow job to remember and hope he would blow his load and not try to fuck her as she could still feel the previous guys cum in her knickers. She then realized that this guy too had a massive cock. After about a minute he stopped her, grabbed her by the hips and threw her onto the sofa and spread her legs aggressively and then ripping off her panties. She was waiting for him to ask "what the fuck" but he didn't and just dived straight in. She was so turned on that she was trembling and within no time she was having a huge orgasm. Before she had even finished he was stuffing his big cock inside of her and didn't muck around and started fucking her as hard as he could. Before long she was recieving another load of cum deep inside of her. He ended up fucking her 1 more time before she walked home.

Every time I think of this story I just want to rip her clothes off and fuck her silly as there is nothing that turns me on more then the thought of my wife being fucked by guys with big cocks and then cumming inside of her.

Part 3 to come soon, hope you enjoy and could leave a MSG of your thoughts.