22 Mar 2016

This sexual adventure took place last week at Club Minx.

I was expecting to hook up with Diana at one of the weekend parties and least expected she would 'ditch' me. I was really looking forward to meeting Di and having some steamy sex that night. I was sex starved at home and couldn't wait any longer. I had taken the afternoon off from work and readied myself in anticipation. I shaved, trimmed my pubic hair, showered, got into my blue jeans and pulled a striped T- shirt on top. I generously sprayed perfume and ensured that I was smelling great!

I was hanging at the party with some work buddies waiting for Di, sipping a scotch and dancing every now and then. After dinner and waiting for over two hours, I came to the conclusion she wasn’t going to turn up. It was only the next day I received a text from Di saying she was sorry and as she had fallen sick, she couldn't make it.

While I was there at the Club, I noticed that I was getting a little extra attention from Bec who was fairly new at work. I just went with the flow and danced, joking and acting a bit flirty with her. Now, Bec told me that she is a single mum with two teenage sons. She is middle aged, slightly on the plumpy side, average breasts and nice looking with a beautiful smile. I started paying a bit of attention to her. Seemed that she didn't mind the observation even as I started touching her hand and thighs a few times.

As time went by, we drank, we danced and we flirted. During the slow songs I held her close to me and I could feel her pressing into me. I could see in her eyes how equally horny she was. She told me how attracted she was to dark skinned guys. We chatted and laughed and didn't know time go by.

When it was time to leave, I offered to walk Bec to her car. I held her hand as we walked and could feel the warmth of her palm. We talked for a bit and then I kissed her goodnight. Both our lips locked in an embrace. But I didn’t stop, neither did she. I kept kissing her and she kept responding. I was getting hard! I unbuttoned her top and started rubbing her breasts over her bra. It felt so good I started playing with both her breasts. She just kept on hissing with deep breaths. My hand found its way inside her bra and I was caressing her bare breast now. Bec continued to kiss me as she gently moaned.

This continued for a good ten minutes in the parking lot. My other hand worked its way under her dress and started to search and explore, I felt the wetness on her panties. Suddenly she pulled away and told me to stop, She probably didn't want me to know how soaked she was and was nervous what I would think. Or maybe she knew where we were heading and didn't want to straight jump into bed with me. I really didn't want to let her go but after a bit of pleading I did relent. It was my second disappointment for the day.

Anyway, we kissed goodnight again, a short one though and unwillingly parted ways. She told me that next long weekend her children would go to their father's place and she would have all the house to herself. She invited me home and said we could continue from where we left. I can't wait for this week to end for it will be the start of my sexplorations with Bec.