Written by me8u68

10 May 2012

This might just be the best run I've ever had, I go for a run on some of the local beaches 2 or 3 times a week, often picking different beaches for a bit if variety.

Today I headed to a beach about 15min north of my normal haunts, and had been running south for a while when i caught up to a lady walking the same direction. I slowed to a walk and said hi and we had a quick chat about nothing before taking off again. Thought to myself she was really nice and quite pretty, she was about mid 40's, maybe 5'5" and mid length dark hair.

After another couple of K's i turned to head back to my car, and quickly met up with my pretty friend again who asked if i'd like to walk with her for a bit, So I agreed and she started to walk very close, often rubbing shoulders (or as close as you get as i'm 6ft ). it was soon obvious she had more than walking on her mind as our chat seemed to be subtle but sensual, and she kept touching my arm and chest. She then surprised me by asking if i enjoyed blowjobs, I almost choked but said I did, before I knew what was happening she had her hand dowm the front of my shorts and had hold of my swelling cock, after a few strokes she pulled my shorts down and wrapped her mouth around my now stiff member. I bent over a bit to rub her shoulders and back (I was also keeping an eye out for anyone else on the beach). A few minutes passed and she stood and gave me a deep sensual kiss, I let my hands start to wander under her top and fondle her breasts but she grabbed one of my hands and shoved it roughly down the front of her trak pants, I found no underwear and a pussy that was soaking wet. It only took a few flicks on her clit and she exploded, I dropped to my knees, pulled her pants down and was amazed to see her squirting all over the place(never see a squirter in person before). I burried my face in her pussy and with a bit of tounge work she started to cum a second time.

I stood and gave her a kiss so she could taste her own juices. she started to wank me before going down to suck me again, after what had just happened I was close to cumming myself and I thought she was just going suck me till I came but I was amazed when she turned round and bent over, I must have been taking too long as she backed onto my cock, sliding it into her wet pussy and pounding away. It wasn't long before I said I was going to cum, I went to pull out but she held me inside her and I unloaded a load deep in her pussy which was enough to bring her to a third orgasm.

We redressed and headed back to our cars, I still have no idea of her name but might run that beach a bit more.