16 Feb 2019

Well I had started a new job and have been sent to Abu Dhabi for two weeks induction training.

Being by myself I was getting pretty randy, so I tried tinder to see what was around, well a lot of expensive hookers and desperately hopeful women who wanted marriage, no one who just wanted a good time.

So I was having dinner in a bar attached to the hotel, sitting by myself and it was getting pretty crowded, so two ladies came over and asked if I minded sharing the table. Of course I said it would be a pleasure.

We started chatting and it turns out they were from Glasgow, red haired nice tits and cute bodies in there mid fifties.

They were stopping over for one night on there way home from a holiday together in Hongkong. They said they had been best friends since school, both recently divorced kids grown up so had treated themselves to a holiday.

We talked they were very friendly and chatted about there souvenirs, mentioning they had bought silk robes and nighties.

I said cheekily would love to see you try them on, as when they get home it will be to cold to wear them, they smiled and i felt a foot and a hand rub against my leg.

We stayed chatting over a beer and watching soccer on the big tv and under the table they were touching my legs . I thinking can't really ask one of them to my room, it would be awkward and my cock was really getting excited, so I eventually said lets go up to your room and see how those silk robes fit on you, to my great relief they said sure lets go.

to be continued