Written by sandk

24 Mar 2011

This little story happened about 4 yrs ago ,my wife and I were invited to a wine tasting at a workmates house ,pretty tame nothing much would happen there.Another couple call them Steve and Collen were also invited we had played with them before or should i say my wife had,another couple Greg and Gloria were also invited .

Steve And Collen lived near us so i volenteered to be designated driveras i'm not that much into wine.when we got there the third couple who said they were going were not there well thats there bad luck we all thought,talk about boreing my wife ,steve,and collen drinking plenty me sober as a judge.

I couldn't waite to get out of there but as it was still early and gregand glorias place was on our way home we decided to go by and see why they didn't turn up,i might add my wife and myself had swung with greg and gloria a few times but steve and collen had not and i'm not sure at this point they really knew if each parties were into it.

When we got there greg and gloria were in thier hot tub drinking wine so we all thought what the heck lets all get in.No longer boreing three women naked all a little pissed 3 blokes naked was great ,silly part everybody making sure they didn't touch the wrong person,as I said earlier my wife and i were the only ones who knew about the others.so out of the blue i reached over and tweked glorias nipple well that was it every bodys hands went every where ,this is not one of those stories where the women were beauty queens and the men hung like donkeys as a matter of fact we are all a little o/weight and iust having fun.

My wife wanted steve a blind man could see that so we started to pair off me with gloria steve with the wife and greg with collen.it was great watching everybody enjoying themselves sucking and fondleing then the sight that blew me away my wife on here back and steve positioning himself to penertrate her wow.me getting a head job while watching my wife gettin fucked i blew my bolt straight down glorias throat she had never swollowed before and she didn't like it to much but swollowed every drop because it was her carpet if she spat it out lol.

looking around the room greg chock a block up collen steve chock a block up my wife and gloria wipeing her mouth.

gloria then wanted me to fuck her and worked hard to get me hard again but i can tell u it happened and what a great fuck we had when i finished blowing my second load in her the othe four applauded and reconed they didn't think i had it in me but was the best night any of us ever had.we still enjoy each other and gloria will only swollow mine who knows why but i don't mind.