Written by funster77

24 Jun 2011

For a long time i have fantasized about feeling another mans big hard cock in my mouth. I always thought this would remain just a fantasy until recently. While camping recently with my girlfriend, we had set up camp in a national park in NSW. I had been for a surf and was just setting up our barbie to cook our dinner when when 3 other toned, good looking blokes pulled up next to our site. We said hello and talked about the recent surfs we had been for and cracked out the beers.

After dinner we lit a fire and sat around for a session . Before long, i excused myself to go to the toilet and Brad also said he needed to go. We walked to the edge of the scrub and emptied about 5 beers or so. While i was going to the toilet i looked at Brads cock and my jaw Dropped. He had he biggest dick i had ever seen. Soft it was about 6 inches and really thick. He caught me looking but just smiled. i quickly shook and put away my dick and headed back.

After many, many beers my girl decided to call it a night. Being the gentleman i am, i walked her to our tent and gave her a kiss goodnight. Upon returning to the fire i noticed all the others looking at me strangely, but thought nothing too much of it. i opened another beer and settled back in to our conversation of waves surfed and destinations we wanted to go to.

As i was talking to Brad, Pete and Jordan both said they were going to crash. i said good night and was left alone with Brad. Being a bit pissed i asked how big his cock gets. He replied" you can see for yourself if you like". We moved into the darkness and he dropped his shorts and grabbed my hand and put it onto his hardening cock. i started to slowly stroke his dick, feeling it grow in my hand. "impressed?' he asked. i was. It was at least 10 inches and as thick as my wrist. My 7 inches looked tiny by comparison. i quickly dropped to my knees and was staring at his huge dick. Without a care in the world i opened my mouth wide and felt a big, thick hard cock enter my mouth for the first time. It was incredible. His cock was so hard as i let my tongue flick over his massive knob. i Felt every vein in his dick as i tried to put as much as i could in my willing mouth. i looked up and saw that his head was thrown back in ecstasy as i pumped his big beautiful cock into my mouth.He looked down and smiled as he took hold of my head and started to fuck my face with long, slow strokes. i shut my eyes and let him use my hot mouth however he wanted.

After a few minutes of this, i heard a noise and reluctantly took Brads twitching hardness out of my mouth and turned to see Pete and Jordan standing close and rubbing their nearly as impressive dicks. i smiled and told them to come closer and then sampled each of their cocks in turn, while stroking whoever wasn't in my mouth.

As i put Brads huge dick back in my mouth i felt my shorts being removed and a hot mouth start working my shaft and then felt a hot wet tongue flicking over my balls. i was in heaven. i pumped Brads big, thick pole for all i was worth, when i felt his cock get even harder (if that's possible) and then shoot his hot cum into the back of my throat. i kept working him, feeling every jet fill my mouth..This made me cum instantly and i shot my load all over Jordans face. Jordan and Pete then stood over me and wanked their lovely hard cocks while i flicked my tongue over their swollen cock heads until they shot their hot cum all over my face.

After we caught our breath we headed back to the fire and sttled in for more beers. ........Until i had to taste cock again!!