Written by Bishavedguy

25 Mar 2019

At Arrows one night, single, lonely and horny.

I see a couple walking towards a private room, they enter and close the door. I hang nearby watch some porn on a tv. When I look back there’s a few guy lined up waiting. I join the line, with a few guys walking off after 20 minutes or so.

I am thinking is this couple going to let anyone in. A little while later the guy opens the door and said only one at a time. By this time there was only one guy in front of me and he enters. Didn’t have to wait long and he exited the room and the door remained opened. A little nervous I walked in, the guy was sitting at the opposite end of the bed holding his large hard cock. The girl was on all fours with her head towards him. He said, get it hard and get it in her!

I walked up behind her with my half hard cock in hand, slapped it on her pussy and slid it in. She started moaning as I fucked her as hard as I could and before long I blow deep inside her. She said thanks and I left.

Wish something like that would happen again.