Written by traceydavid

1 Aug 2011

This is my first story

Wise and i were sitting back one afternoon watching porn when a friend of mine turned up we were still watching the movie and we were getting very horny with what we were watching then she decided to take a more comfy seat on my mate lap she could feel he was getting horny from the bump in his jeans and she was as horny as well she lifted her top up to show her lovely breasts which she don’t mind doing she grabbed his hand and placed them on them and you can tell by her smile she loved it too as much as he did then after a couple of minutes she spun around and sat on my lap and grabbed my hand and pushed it down the front of her track suit pants i could tell strait away she was wet and horny and after about 5 minutes she swapped seats again and pull his hand down her front which he loved too and you could tell by the face she was about to cum and as she did all over his hand she stood up and removed her pants and undies and she laid back on the bed and said well you 2 know what to do make me happy i looked and my mate and he just smiled i said no problems let’s do it as I took her breast into my mouth whist I was laying on the bed next to her I could see my mate removing his pants she took one look and said wow is that for me he was a lot bigger than me she was as wet as I could see him rubbing her clit and wet pussy he want and knelt down in front of her and was licking at her clit she was moaning and groaning as she had orgasm after orgasm she said don’t stuff around give it to me now and he stood up and moved closer and slipped it strait in up to the hilt whist I was still sucking on her breasts I knew he wouldn’t last long and within a couple of minute we could hear him saying I’m Cumming she said well fill me up as he shot off his load she cum time and time again he pulled out and said to me your turn now and I said yes it is. I was so horny just watching her being done like that I knew i wouldn’t last long so I just moved around and sent it strait in whilst giving it to her i could see my mate sucking on her breasts taking over from where I left off after a couple of minutes and a great collection of orgasms for her she had just lost count on how many times she cum we laid down and just cuddled for a while and my mate said she is great and we said one day we will do it again for sure.

But that is another story