10 Mar 2019

This story is about the first Indian style Tantra massage I had. For those who have never tried it, Tantra is a wonderful experience for both men and women. The Tantra experts engage in what they call either Lingam (for men) or Yoni (for women) massage. A session will do wonders, especially for women who rarely orgasm and men who experience premature ejaculation. It has been two years since I had this incredible session. I credit it as the beginning of what is for me, now, a very fulfilling sexual life, complete with highly erotic and memorable experiences.

I was attending yoga classes near my suburb and after a few months became friendly with the yoga teacher, Letchmi. She was a married Nepalese woman in her 50's with the body of a much younger woman. She had full rounded tits, the nipples hard and pointed which was easily noticeable. To me, she was beautiful as well as built for sex with shapely bottom curves. We soon became close enough to share personal details of our lives.

I went for a short holiday so I missed a few yoga classes. When I got back to the classes, Letchmi inquired about my trip. She teased me by suggesting that I might have had a lot of sex with many women. As we discussed my trip, the talk became intimate and we shared details of my sex life. Suddenly, out of nowhere Letchmi said that she always had an orgasm during sex and most times had multiple orgasms. I was almost speechless at that revelation. She said that it was due to a special Tantra massage session she had recently. I had never heard of such a massage, so Letchmi gave a few details and urged me to experience a similar session. I was stunned that she was suggesting that I have an intimate massage with someone who was not my wife.

During the next week, we talked more about her massage experience and she provided more details of what it did to her. She went on to say that her husband also has had a Tantra massage. She said it had opened them both up sexually to the point that now their sex life was dramatically different and more exciting than she could have imagined. I was asked by her to give it a serious thought. So, I did some research. What I found were testimonials about what a tremendous impact it had on many couples. I read that in Tantra, the man is the “Buddha” while woman is the “Shakti or Goddess” the man gives the woman all the pleasure. The aim of Tantra is that the man and woman should enjoy sex for a prolonged period with multiple orgasms. The man should also achieve an orgasm, but without ejaculating. It was described that Tantra teaches the man how to control his orgasms so that they can occur when he wants to. And he can control whether or not to have an orgasm including ejaculation. With training some men can possibly have sex for hours without cumming, yet have several orgasms. I felt enlightened and wanted to have this awesome experience.

At the next yoga class, Letchmi asked me what I thought about the Tantric massage and if I was ready to have a unique sexual journey with her. I was dumb founded at her suggestion. I couldn’t resist the temptation and I said Yes. Letchmi said it was a professional service and that I will have to pay for it. The rates were discussed and I agreed to pay because I was curious to find out what this massage is all about. Letchmi said I could come to her house on Friday evening after 6 pm and she will take me through the intimate experience. She indicated that everything would be done only with my consent and nothing would be forced on me. She then wrote down her address on a piece of paper and gave it to me.

As days went by, I became more and more nervous but was also anxious. Friday finally arrived and I was standing in front of Letchmi’s house waiting for her to open the door. Letchmi opened the door, welcomed me warmly and led me to her bedroom. She was wearing a red saree with black blouse. I could smell her freshness as we walked side by side. She had jasmine flowers decorated on her long silky black hair. Her red bindi on her forehead enhanced her beauty and made her look sexy. When I entered the room, I was surprised at how much detail she had put into arranging things to set the mood. There was a huge bed in the centre of the room. All round the bed on the floor were scented candles and flowers. It looked romantic and the room smelt heavenly. Letchmi smiled at my reaction and said that I should just relax and savour every moment. She turned on some light classical music, then instructed me to go into the bathroom and have a refreshing shower. She asked me to come back wrapped in the fresh blue towel she had placed on the rack.

I hardly remember that bath because I was having vivid thoughts. When I walked out in just a towel, there stood Letchmi, waiting with a pink sarong wrapped around her. She asked me to sit in the centre of the bed. She then sat opposite me. For what seemed an eternity, we sat facing each other. She was blushing and I enjoyed admiring her beauty. She closed her eyes and started to chant a prayer, which I was told to repeat.

She said that we would begin with simple deep breathing and she wanted me to look at her while she would do the same with me. Letchmi started breathing gently and me following her rythym. Then, we began breathing longer but together, establishing a coordination. Within no time I was feeling relaxed, which I attributed to the atmosphere and the focus on breathing. Then she told me to lay on my side and she laid on her side facing me. In that position, we repeated the breathing. After a few minutes, she had us stand facing each other continuing the breathing. She asked me to slowly look at her, scanning her from head to toe.

After having me view her several times, she asked me to relax while she did the same to me. Then, the first step. She asked me to remove my towel. I slowly removed the towel, all the time keeping my eyes to the floor. She told me to look at her. When, I raised my eyes, I realized that she had also removed her sarong. We both stood there naked facing each other. I did not know what to do as I admired her beautiful face. She smiled as I looked at her face and said that I should look at her body from head to toe and that she would look at mine at the same time.

I was struck by the feeling that she had a great body for her age. Letchmi broke the silence by asking how I felt. She was particularly concerned that I felt comfortable. I told her that I never expected the session to be like this and that I was feeling warm, relaxed and my senses seemed heightened. I said it felt wonderful. She smiled and said that was good and informed me that from now on the session will be more intense and interactive. She asked if I felt comfortable enough to actively participate without any inhibitions. I nodded in agreement.

Firstly, as she touched my hard cock, she explained that the male sex organ is called the Lingam. She then guided my hand to her pussy and as I gently stroked it, she said it is called the Yoni. She asked me to lay on the bed on my back and said she would feel my body softly. She began touching from my forehead and grazed her fingertips over my face, neck, and shoulders. Her touch was feather light and I could feel my skin responding by wanting her to touch me more. She asked me to do the same to her. I traced her body with my fingers touching her breasts, nipples, stomach and all-round her pussy and thighs. Then I retraced my path back to her forehead and down. I did this several times. I was getting excited as I saw Letchmi closing her eyes every now and then.

Then, while looking at me, she told me now is the narrative part. She asked me to describe her and her body. She said she wanted me to tell her what all I felt like doing to her. I was at a loss for words. I mumbled how I wanted to feel her, to kiss her lips, tease and lick her nipples, then tease her pussy, rub her clit and explore with my fingers and tongue. Finally, looking at her love hole, I said she had a lovely juicy yoni and I would like to put my lingam inside her yoni and give her lots of pleasure. It felt great talking like this and it was turning me on.

Letchmi looked at me in a seductive way and whispered to me to explore her. I slowly caressed her body, with a firmer, more sexual contact this time. I gently stroked and squeezed her firm breasts and teased the now erect brown nipples. I was trying to focus on breathing and feeling my body respond and realized two things. One, I was having trouble keeping my breathing steady as I was getting aroused. Two, I could feel her yoni was starting to get very wet and slippery. About that time, she spread her legs and I moved in to lay on her.

I began to spread her thighs farther apart and began to manipulate her labia. As I touched her glistening clit, I could see that she was fairly dripping with excitement. I inserted one finger between her yoni lips and slowly pushed it fully into her fleshy pink hole. I teased the delicate wall inside, slowly stroking in and out. After a couple moments, I added a second finger. Letchmi started moaning and said it felt almost like having a cock inside her. I stroked her for a few minutes more. It was very erotic as opposed to raw hardcore sex. I was surprised that it was working magic between us. As I stroked her slowly, I could feel her body responding and she kept pushing her hip upwards. Her moans got louder and, within minutes, she had a huge explosive orgasm. I could hear her heart pumping hard and loud. I stayed stroking while she climbed down from her orgasm, still breathing heavily. I then kissed her clit and pulled my fingers out of her pussy. She smiled at me and said that it felt like heaven. She asked me to just lie there, relax and enjoy the moment as I was myself hard as a rock now.

In a few seconds, Letcmi told me to lie on my back and that she would do to me what I did to her. She began by describing my body and how it felt for her to look at and touch She said I had a wonderful brown body and that she liked admiring it. She told me that she especially liked looking at my thick black cock, which now was half erect. She told me how she would like to play with my cock head and see if she could make me fully hard. She whispered to me that she wanted to stroke my cock, kiss it and then allow me to put my sacred lingam into her yoni. I felt as if I was in a trance as she spoke all this to me. I haven’t heard a woman speak like that before and could not believe that it was happening right then. I was getting mind blown.

She then touched my face, felt my cheeks and neck, shoulders, traced her fingers all round my chest. She started to go slow touching me and her soft fingers felt like feather. As she was lightly stroking my body, I could see my cock getting excited and starting to swell. She felt all round my cock slowly from bottom, held it in her fist and felt it gain in size and hardness until it was standing fully erect. She leaned closer to it to get a better look as her hand moved up and down on it. My pink red dick head was glistening and growing red indicating that all my blood was rushing towards my tip. My cock started to majestically rise up and seemed ready to take the plunge.

Letchmi cooed that she felt the urge to anoint, kiss and suck it. I nodded in acceptance. She kissed the tip a few times running her lips and tongue around the head. Then, she slowly centered it on her lips and gently sucked the head. When she tried to suck the head into her mouth I could see that she had to stretch her mouth wide open to get it in. She teased my dick with her tongue, revelling in the taste of my precum. All the while, I was breathing deeply and enjoying myself. The feeling was simply ecstatic. She continued to lick and suck me not wanting to stop and what seemed a rather long slow process to enjoyment. I was ready to ejaculate and my cock was throbbing. Letchmi’s expert fingers realised that I was about to cum and she suddenly stopped stroking me. I wondered why?

She told me to just lie beside her, take slow breaths and relax. As we lay and stared at one another, she queried how I felt. I told her I felt great and I was relishing every moment. She hugged me and kissed me passionately. She told me she was fully aware that she had brought me to a crescendo and did not allow me to ejaculate on purpose. She said while she is capable to have orgasms several times, a man needs to learn how to preserve his energy and releases. She explained it was control of the heart and mind. We lay next to each other talking for several minutes when Letchmi announced that it was time for some snacks. I was shocked! We had spent more than an hour but it felt like no time has passed at all. She asked me to go have a shower, get dressed and come to the dining room where she will meet me. I looked at her as if wanting to ask “is this all it?” Letchmi instantly knew what I was thinking and with a naughty wink replied “ Honey, this is only the beginning. There is lot more to come and we will get back into it straight after we refresh with some snacks and soft drinks. I was delighted and my mind was already drawing pictures of pushing my Lingam into Letcmi’s Yoni and awaken her Kundalini energy………………..

If you want to know more about Tantric Massage, please do google and learn more about an ancient time tested technique that works to increase sexual energy.