13 Dec 2019

It was a summer's afternoon and the temperature pushing into the high 30s, my husband had arranged a play date for me with a guy who did me several months ago. Let's call him 'D' as he was a real gentleman who was intent on making sure I had a good time. I was more than happy to catch up with D again as he was a well endowed man and he knew how to use it well.

Hubby and I had discussed that if I wanted to I could take him bareback, if he consented as well.

Well hubby knocked on D' s front door, D opened his front door looked at me and said come in, without hesitation both hubby and I entered his home. D kissed me as he gave me a hug. The three of us had a quick session of some small talk then D asked if we would like to go to into his bedroom, I smiled at D and said sure. The three of us walked into D's bedroom where hubby took out his phone and started to record as D and I stated kissing and removing each others clothing. Before long both D and I were on his bed naked, I stated to suck on D's cock as D slid me on top of him so he could start to eat out my pussy. Man he was good, I felt his penis harden in my mouth as his tongue made me cum. I slid off and turned around, as I hoped on top D looked at me, I said to him I'm clean hope you are, he replied I am. I grabbed hold of his cock and guided it towards my very moist pussy. He looked into my eyes as his hard cock found my now very wet opening, wow it didn't just slide in it popped in and dam it felt so good. I hate the feel of a condom so the feel of his unprotected cock in my pussy was pure pleasure. I rode him like a chap till the temperature got the better of me and I had to wash my face. When I came back D guided me to lie on my back which I did quite happily, D wasted no time and hoped on top and once again popped his unprotected cock into me, dam it felt so good it was his cock had found a home, I said to him make sure you do me well. He smiled at me and said sure will, he was driving into me so hard I almost forgot were I was, then suddenly his cock slipped out. He said sorry and popped it back in, at the same time I wispered into his ear please cum in me. His eyes widened. Like a man with a mission he went harder and as deep as he could. Then suddenly he said I'm about to cum, I replied if you have to, he replied ok I'll slow down then, which he did. This man had good control somehow he had stopped himself from cuming, which surprised me. Anyway he kept pounding away and could feel every thrust and it was good. Time had arrived and I was about to cum for the second time, all of a sudden I felt D's body tense as he unloaded deep inside me which in turn made me cum with him.

He stayed on top still slowly sliding his still hard cock in and out of me. I passionately kissed him as he with drew himself from inside me and slid off, I thanked him, mean while hubby had worked his way up between my legs and stated to eat me out. Hubby was actually down there for awhile cleaning up all D had left behind, next hubby had his cock in me and well you guessed right it take him long as he shoot his hot load in me as well.

It was a great afternoon of fun. It would be good to do it again but unfortunately D has now moved back to Sydney.