Written by bren

31 May 2013

A little while ago I went out on the town with some mates for a boys night out and had a great time. I was talking to one my mates about our sex lives and he was saying he is not getting much and I was telling him my wife can be pretty kinky when the mood is right and she has had some booze. Anyway the night was coming to a close and we were finding our way home with taxis etc when I said to my mate to come back to my place for a drink and chat. When we got home the wife was still up and made us some drinks and suggested we hope in the spa as the water was really nice and warm. I said great but went to the toilet first and gave them a little time to themselves to chat. When I came back I just heard the end part of the conversation, which was my wife saying " that is so horny, feel my pussy, it so wet." They had decided to jump in the spa nude and he was telling her how he had gone to a public toilet and someone had wanked him off under the stall divider. My wife loves the idea of blokes playing with each other and it gets her really horny. So as I walk out I hear this and my mate has got his fingers on her bald pussy feeling how wet she is. Holy cow, the night just got very interesting. So I bar up and strip off and join them in the spa and my wife tells my mate to tell me the story again which he does. The wife is sitting on the edge of the spa fingering herself and my mate is staring at her while he is telling me what happened. Then the wife asks him would he like to play with my cock and he says yes. So he starts playing with my cock under the water and my wife tells me to stand up so he can suck it, so up I stand and he starts to suck my cock, he is doing a very good job and I wonder how long he has been into this. He then reaches over and starts playing with my wifes pussy and now she wants to suck his cock so we go inside to the lounge and get more comfy. So the three of us are now in a ring sucking and licking each other and then my wife gets on her hands and knees and asks me to fuck her while she is sucking off my mate, this goes on for a while and then she says she wants to go outside for a smoke so we stay inside and watch some porn and suck each others cocks. She comes back into the lounge with a big dildo and lies on the floor facing us with her legs spread and starts fucking her pussy with the dildo putting on a fantastic show for us. She did this until she came and then went out for another smoke and when she came back in she puts on another show with the dildo, she did this about four times and sometimes we would join her with me fucking her or my mate licking her pussy and her sucking his cock. We carried on into the wee hours and all agreed it was a lot of fun. My wife and I have more adventures but will wright in and tell you all about them later. Hope you enjoyed this.