Written by jabiru

8 Oct 2011

I spent time in the Air Force as a single unattached male. One of the downsides of service life for married persons is that they get posted all over, and the wives get bored and unhappy because they are away from their usual support group of family and friends This is compounded on operational bases, where the maintenance servicemen have to go away with deployed aircraft for periods ranging from a few days to several weeks, leaving their families behind. Through loneliness many a wife has become openly involved with another serviceman, the result being an immediate posting from the area for the families involved, with corresponding loss of promotional prospects for both servicemen, not to mention the many broken marriages. Being single, my nights were spent in the bars and social spots, and I became well known, being part of the base maintenance team, and not subject to being deployed. One night I was in the bar, and another serviceman, John, who I knew quite well told me he was about to go away on a long detachment with his squadron. He was worried because his wife’s conduct had already caused a posting for him, and he was concerned that she would succumb to temptation again while he was away. I knew his wife Debbie slightly, she was a brunette with a bubbly personality, a bit overweight, with the face of an angel. She was very social, and unlikely to stay home out of temptation’s way. I was a bit older than them, and I think he was hoping I might be able to offer some advice. I couldn’t think of anything to stop what was really part of her makeup, but it did occur to me that if she could be somehow diverted to the care of a person who could discreetly keep her in check, the problem would be solved. Being unattached, and out and about a lot, although a fair bit older than her, I half jokingly suggested that I could discretely take care of her without things getting out of hand. To my surprise, John thought it a good idea if Debbie would agree. He invited me around to spend an evening with them to see if anything could be arranged. I went to their married quarter, and it was agreed that Debbie would be free to go out whenever she wanted during John’s absence, but I would keep a distant eye on her, and if I thought she was heading for trouble, she was to allow me to take her home. It was also agreed that should she want a fuck, I would be available to do her discretely. I was surprised that was all there was to it, she didn’t ask for a trial run, and John was quite happy with the arrangement. John left on his detachment, and all went well for a few weeks, during which time I often saw Debbie in the usual venues. Then one night I noticed a guy getting a bit too cosy with her, so I joined them, cramping his style, and he soon left. I suggested to Debbie I should take her home. She started to say something a couple of times before trailing off. Eventually, in a small embarrassed voice she told me she badly wanted a fuck that night. Taking her to her married quarter and staying longer than necessary to drop her off was out of the question, everyone in the married patch knew what everyone else was up to. Because I had a couple of stripes, I had a nice quiet room that had previously been a guard room that was in an isolated area of the base, so I took her there. Debbie certainly wanted to fuck,, it didn’t take long to discover she had no panties on, and was as wet as I have ever known a woman to be. She also had a thick bush which was a turn off for me, as far as oral went, but luckily she was more interested in giving me head and having me play with her very nice tits. I fingered her to a couple of minor orgasms, and she brought me off in her mouth. After a bit of a rest we resumed, and I parted her bush from behind with my cock, entered her and pumped as hard as I could. She was soon growling and gurgling, which made me want to pump even harder, and then she decided she wanted me from the front, missionary position. I was happy to oblige, and she locked her legs tightly around my waist, making it hard for me to move. She wriggled, squirmed and ground into me and was soon having an almighty orgasm, which went on for ages, before we collapsed spent from our exertions. Her juices mixed with mine were all over the place and I cradled her in my arms for quite some time. I think Debbie, like me, needed to be held, as well as being fucked. You can feel very lonely and isolated when away from all your family and friends for long periods. I told her I could take her to further heights if there was a next time, if she were to trim or shave her pussy. John was away for nearly two months, and I had two more very hot sessions with Debbie, who did trim herself She told me John had asked her to do this a number of times, and he would be very happy that I had convinced her to do it. When John came home he didn’t ask me any questions, but I am sure he and Debbie discussed everything, which would have lead to some hot fucking for some time after. John was appreciative of how I had looked after Debbie, and recommended me to one of his mates who had similar problems. It wasn’t long before I had a nice little thing going, and I was getting more sex than the married guys! However Debbie was my favourite and I was lucky enough to look after her a few more times before my tour at that base finished, and I ended up in a desk job at Defence HQ Canberra. Sigh.