Written by moey

28 Jun 2011

i have a friend who was actualy a very attractive girl wen were growing up,blonde blue eyes a nice rack and a curvy ass.

she fell pregnet wen she was only 15 to her back then 17 yr old boyfriend....they decided to keep the baby and go thru with it all......6months down the track maz had put on so much weight in the wrong places it wasnt funny..although i must admit her tits didnt stop growing for one bit.........she gives birth to a baby girl and looses all the weight she put on but her body wasnt the sam...she ended up having another boy 18 months later and the same thing happened again......after that maz said no more 2 was enough........so we ended up partying me her and her boyfriend we'd get smashed and just enjoy ourselves till one night...........tony was that wasted he'd gone to crash out and it was only me and maz left finishing off our little party,we ended up getting pretty high and just talking shit bout the past wen we were younger.......we both admited that we had a crush on each other but we both kept it to our selves.me and maz were pretty close friends and sex was never an issue we always spoke bout it quiet openly,sitting there off our heads admitting to one another that we both had a crush on each other she decides to talk bout sex and how tony wasnt doing it for her like he did....how he would just get into bed of a night time pull her pants down and stick his cock in her fuck her till he came inside her then turned over and went to bed,now the thing with maz was she loved having sex she loved cock mind you and pussy,but wat he was doing wasnt doing it for her at all.i mean your talking to a squirter a chick that loves swallowing cum and loves being thrashed and fucked real hard as if she was this whore thats how she gets off.......talking bout it with her got me pretty hard up,picturing her squirting having to pull his cock out of her in order for her to explode.she was saying that the last couple of weeks shes been on the internet cybersex with a girl in america.see maz was bi sexual as well but hasnt been with a girl for years.anyway she was saying that the girl was using a double ended dildo one side in her ass and one in her pussy the american was also a squirter to.maz was saying how they would both sit there in front of webcams and finger fuck themselves and squirt everywere .maz had never had anal before watching the american got her all worked up bout doing it so she asked tony to fuck her in the ass.....tony didnt care i mean he loved the idea.

she was telling me how they did it she got on all fours he spat on her virgin ass hole and tried for a while to get it in.....she said she was in a bit of pain but was more excited bout trying anal sex something new for the first time,she said all she could picture was the american shoving the dildo in her ass hole so easly and thats wat she wanted to be able to do in her ass....eventualy tony finally slipped it in.......maz swore to god she counted him pushing his cock into her tight virgin ass hole once back out then back in then out 6 times before he shot his load in her ass pulled out and left her there.....my cock was pretty hard and i could feel pre cum slowly dripping out of my cock into my pants..i laughed and said to maz if u needed ur ass fucked i could have came and given u a service and laughed bout it as if it was a joke......she laughed back and said i should have i bet u would have at least satisfied me,she said he hasnt made her squrit in a long time and she reckons its very easy for her to squirt.she said her pussy was pretty tight and that she could barely get 2 of her fingers inside and wen she did she only fingered herself for a min and she would just explode.....i laughed and at the same time picturing her fingering herself then squirting on my face and in my mouth....i reached down to my pants as we were both still talking bout her squriting and just wanting to be fucked in the ass properly i undone my zipper the whole time she was watching i undone my zipper put hand down my pants to the bottom of my cock rapped a few fingers round it and squeezed my cock while running my fingers to the head of my cock and catching pre cum spilling out of it i collected as much cum as i could then pulled my hand back out of my pants with with come on the side of my fingers......she sat there and just watched me do it wen my hand came out she smiled as i lent over and put my fingers that were covered with drips of cum into her mouth........she opened up and sucked clean 2 of my fingers then showed me how she deep throats as i asked her if she liked the taste of me....she pulled my fingers out smiled licked her lips and said its the tastiest cum shes had in a long time......i said well now its ur turn she looks at me and says huh??i said now its ur turn, slip ur 2 fingers u were telling me that u could barely stick in ur pussy in there and let me taste ur juices.i cant here tonys in the room right there and ill make a mess out here ill go in the bathroom......of she went into the bathroom,few minutes later came out with her fingers dripping wet,i opened my mouth up as she shoved 2 fingers soaked in her pussy juice in my mouth.she tasted pretty good,i guess nothing beats fresh pussy juice,i sucked her fingers clean then pushed them out of my mouth.....u want more of my come i asked her ???she gigled and said if theres some there,i pulled my cock out of my pants and told her to come and get it.she got down and lent over to my cock grabed it from the bottom of my shaft and squeezed it while pulling it up,i think she got to pulling my cock half way up before she had to shove my cock in her mouth before my cum started dripping out.......i have honestly never seen or been with a girl that gives a man a headjob like maz till this day.the way she grabbed it with her mouth as she played with my balls was incredible not once did she use her hand on my cock only ever her mouth....she took half my cock in first just getting all the pre cum out then poped her head up looks at me smiles and says i cant believe im doing this......tonys not even 10 mtrs away sleeping on the floor in the lounge room but we both knew that thats wat made it more exciting.......she turns round and says i shouldnt have to tell u wat to do to me i think we have spoken enough bout me and sucking cock and wat i expect from u........before she even finished i grabed her face gave her a pash and steered her mouth back onto my cock,and off she went sucking away like there was no tomorrow she was trying to deep throat but the angle i was sitting on and her being ontop wasnt going to allow it.so i grabbed her hair wrapped it round my hand stood up grabed my cock slapped her in the face with it rubbed it all over her face then told her to open her mouth,she opened up and i slipped it in her mouth trying to shove it down her throat it took a few goes of just full fucking her mouth i told her to keep her mouth opened while i fucked her throat i push it in slowly till she couldnt take it in no more to the point it felt like she was chocking then pull it all the way back out and watch as her saliava was stringing from her mouth to my cock,maz was loving it i finally got thru to the back of her throat then let go of her hair and let her work it a bit she was loving it she'd deep throat me as id slap her face call her a little slut tell her to lick my balls with her tounge while deep throating me.i still remember my cock disappering in her mouth and her tounge licking my balls as she was choking on me....calling her a slut a dirty little whore really got her going i told her that tonight was the night her ass was getting a proper fuck she was loving it...... as she was sucking my cock she was fingering her pussy she pulled off my cock got up pulled her pants down i reached over to finger her pussy but she didnt let me told me to wait and watch so i did she slipped her fingers back in her pussy and started finger fucking herself with in a few min u could see it in her face as she was bout to cum i got down between her legs and waited for her to squirt all over my face and she did her legs were all wobbly her knees couldnt hold her any longer so i grabbed her down and sat her on my face licking her pussy and ass hole from all her juices she rubbed her pussy in my face her lips rubbing all over my face before getting up off me and bending over the table.i got up walked over to her face shoved my cock back in her mouth to get it all lubed back up then went back round to her tight ass hole open ur ass cheeks i said so she lent back and parted her ass for me,a bright pink ass hole i couldnt help it but go down and eat her ass for a bit before i opened her ass u..she tasted good i tried to slip my tounge in there but she was pretty tight.i stayed down on her ass hole till i eventually was able to slip my tongue in there i fucked her ass with my tounge for a while till i was able to slip a finger in there....u should have heard her while my tounge was in her.......i got up spat on her ass hole and slowly slipped a finger in.she started to moan in pain and pleasure i fingered her ass slowly for a while till i thought it was ready to slip my cock up there i got up spat on her ass hole told her to keep her ass cheeks spread till i got the head of my cock in...i slowly grabbed my cock and placed it at the entrance of her ass hole pushing it in really slowly asking her to back into it,maz needed this cock in her ass she needed to be bum fucked i pushed in and she backed up onto it and in i slid.....i had the head of my cock in and the rest was easy..told her to let go of her ass cheeks and concentrate on fingering her pussy with one hand and rubbing her nipples with the other.......i use that as a destraction with girls and it always works,hows it feel being fucked in the ass babe i said while i was slowly pushing it in and out.she said it feels great babe i can take the pain babe if u want to fuck my ass harder......babe youll be begging for it to stay deep in ur ass in a min with no pain just pleasure......i pulled out of her ass leaving just the head still inside and spat down on my cock for more lube and away we went i started to fuck her ass more faster gradually picking up speed i reached over grabed both her tits and started rubbimg them and pulling her nipples....hows it feel babe she replies about time.........feels like ur getting gang banged doesnt it babe she gave me this mmmmmmmmmm feels good babe dont stop.....can u squirt for me babe pleaseone more time shes like yes and out it came she exploded like a volcanoe begging me to stop fucking her ass but that was my hole plan once she had came she would lube it all up and i could pound her ass and slap it and thats wat i did.......tell me to fuck ur ass babe tell me......fuck my ass fuck my ass she moaned were u want me to cum babe were u want me to cum in my mouth she said............a few pumps later i was ready to blow give her ass a quick pump then pull my cock out and shove it in her mouth and off she went again sucking my cock till i shot my load into her mouth and watched her swallow every drop i blew........wen id finished blowing in her mouth i asked if shed like to go again she said yeah but i want u in my pussy this time doggy???i asked u bet she said....i pushed her shoulder blades back down onto the table and guided my cock in to her pussy with a little bit of help from her we guided it in fuck she had a very tight pussy for a girl whos had to kids.......i pumped away into her twat till she pulled off me and squirted everywere i shoved my cock back in her fucked her nice and hard while slapping her ass then shot my load in her pussy........we both got up cleaned up got dressed and had another drink.....thats mine and her little secret my very good friend