Written by gregparry

24 Jun 2012

First post really means I should start somewhere near my first few enlightening experiences that have stayed with me for many years and always bring a smile to my face and make me giggle. So I figure the best place to start is one of my very first 'experiences'. At this stage I had pashed plenty of girls and that was great but nothing adventurous. I lived next to this gorgeous girl, one of the most stunning girls , beautiful eyes, smile , hair, very intelligent and a great sense of humor. We spent a lot of time hanging out and chatting, well aware of each others 'interests' who we had been kissing, who was writing us letters (yeah, text hadn't really caught on then, in fact it didn't even exist then!) blah blah. There was always a cheeky kiss as we would say good bye but never anything more until one Saturday afternoon we decided to go for a walk and found ourselves standing behind the gym getting right in to each other. This girl was very athletic with an amazing firm arse which I just couldn't keep my hands off, my hands then slid up her top fumbling at her firm tits feeling her hard nipples, I was bursting out of my pants and she knew it. I feel her hands move from my arse around to my stomach and sliding down to my pants and she starts rubbing my rock hard young man...I had never felt so exposed in my whole life, cars driving past on the road only 50m away anyone could walk past at any minute and there we were, my hands up her top and her rubbing my cock...but who cares we want more so I slide my hands down and start rubbing my hands over her pants, the first time I had ever felt a girl there before and what a surprise, it was so warm, I wanted more.. next thing I know L had her hands down my pants and was stroking me and stroking me so I unzipped her jeans and slipped my fingers down and felt the heat...and then the wet sliding my fingers between her lips, this I wasn't prepared for but absolutely loved, have been in love with this feeling ever since. L really became excited then and pushed my pants half way down my legs to give her better access to my cock and was stroking like crazy, every now and again rubbing my knob on her clit getting me wet with her juices. Talk about conflicted, all I wanted was to slide it in but all I could think about were the cars driving past. After about 10 minutes of my pants around my knees, felt like an hour, we decided to fix ourselves up and walk home, me with a massive boner the whole way and her with very moist knickers.

From here I had a number of similar experiences again with L and with a few different girls at various parties until I started my very first Job. I was latter than most starting my first job as I had been pursuing sport at an elite level but push came to shove and I eventually need to start earning some money haha. If only knew on my first day that it was going to lead to another few firsts. I met a girl called Charlie who really didn't fit the mold of the type of work we were being trained to do, she was right out there and not afraid to question the rules or the instructors, for some reason there was something very alluring about her, the rebellious streak? the shortish skirts, firm body? shirts that accentuated her firm boobs? I should point out that I also met another beautiful girl at our training who was only just 18, we hit it off too and ended up working in the same region however, she was engaged so I never even considered pursuing her. So as things turn out Charlie and I stayed in touch even though we ended up in different regions and the first Friday after our training course finished after work we decided to meet up in Camberwell for a drink, she had incidentally that week broken up with her boyfriend so the two of us had a good chat and I invited her back to my place, so we jumped on a couple of trams and made the trek back to my apartment in Toorak. There we started watching TV but quickly turned to making out, before I knew it she had me completely undressed and I was sucking on her firm tits, so much bigger than I thought they were and was very horny. I was still a virgin so didn't actually know what I was doing and had no expectations on where this was going to go. I slide my hands down and slipped off her underwear and start kissing up her legs and then kiss around her pussy lips, I had never done this before so just kept kissing and kissing and then started licking up her pink lips and started trying to stick my tongue in her pussy. I start kissing up her body and sucking on her tits again and then we start kissing, she grabs my dick and guides it in to her extremely tight pussy, I push, push some more and then slide a little bit in and pull out, push in a bit further, I thought I was well and truly on top of things so start to pump like a champion and came deep in side her within about 30 seconds, it felt great and I kept pumping away and we kept going at it for another 5 minutes and I came again deep inside her. We kept going with my cum all over my cock and dripping out of her pussy, I kept sliding in and out of this very moist tight pussy for another 20 minutes when she asks if I would like to cum....I have already...twice haha but I want to cum again so we speed things up and I cam for a 3rd time deep inside her.

So there we have the first couple firsts for me in my first post. lots more fun stories to share with you, just which one to share next....