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A woman in need

A chance meeting with a highly erotic woman


3 minute read

It was a warm Friday evening in late January 1999 and I made my way to a swingers club in Fairfield NSW, The Blue Lady, which is no longer there. I was ushered in, there were only two women there and they were obviously workers. I got myself a drink and just checked out the place. Nothing much was happening and I was thinking that it might be a waste of money when the doorbell went and one of the women went to open the door. She came back with a new woman with her, however this new woman looked different. A few minutes later and the new woman returned wearing a short teddy and she looked very shy as well. I went up to her and introduced myself, she told me her name was Kay, she had just turned 39 and had stormed out of her house after telling her husband she wanted to get fucked. Then she proceeded to tell me that she craved to be sucked as her husband refused to do it and that was the reason she was here. I thought she was joking but she reassured me that her husband had never gone down on her, I then told her that I can do that for hours. That clinched it, soon after we were in one of the rooms where I made good my promise. I undressed her, kissed her, then I slowly went down her body kissing and nibbling her boobs and nipples, further down to her belly button and finally I hit the jackpot; a sweet tasting, bald pussy that was already wet. I licked and sucked her, coming up for air every few minutes and then back down to her honey pot. She came multiple times and was extremely wet. I love how women behave just before and during orgasm, Kay would tremble all over and as she orgasmed she would turn almost into a statue, she would be so overcome with her orgasm. After more than an hour of me eating her out and drinking her juice we left the room for a break and a drink. By now there were a few guys and one guy came over and asked her to play, she turned him down though, I felt so good about that. Then we went back in the room and I recommenced my pleasuring of her. Then another guy came in the room and asked me if he could join in. I directed him to Kay and she said No Thanks, so once again she showed me she was very pleased with me. After some more sucking, kissing and fingering she said that it was my turn to get pleasured so she straddled me for a 69er, she was such a good sucker too. Then I fucked her. As we were leaving the premises we exchanged phone numbers and that was the beginning of four years of meeting in motels and hotels, her coming to my place and me to hers, overnights in hotels and a foursome with another couple. Unfortunately for me she met another guy, a black guy, and she moved on. Still, those four years will always be in my memory as we progressed into anal and kinky sex. So, if Kay is reading this, please get in touch.

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