Written by xJacknJillx

17 Mar 2012

As a semi regular visitor to ABay at Noosa I have enjoyed the odd flirtation and love the attention from Girls and guys alike. I go there to meet couples , thats my thing. I am choosy and not just anyone will do so if there are no candidates there that day, so be it.... Never once have I cruised the beach from end to end without stares form fellow nudists and clothed beach goers its such a damn turn on to feel the eyes gazing at my great big long thick prick swaying between my long legs.

A few times I have been roused upon by some uptight so called naturalists " hey buddy do you mind taking that hard on somewhere else!" It's only natural to get an erection when some lovely middle aged woman with a great body, firm tits and a beautifully manicured cunt is flirting with you blatantly ogling my athletic figure and to die for cock. Lets be honest here there isnt many guys who go there who are hung like me, im just a lucky guy in that respect...

One day I went down early , mid-week not too many people around for such a glorious day. Mid way between the two headlands that flank the length of the golden sanded beach i caught a glimpse of a guy and gal semi tucked away behind a small dune . As I walked slowly past , changing my direction slightly so they had full view of my slightly swollen dick saw the dark haired young lady fixated on my body. I could detect her eyes gorging themselves on my long pole behind her extra large sunglasses. My heart pumped and I could feel my fat prick swell even more extending its self still flaccid to about seven inches swaying between my legs giving the naughty couple a private exhibition.

That day I was carrying with me in my left hand a leather cock and ball brace I had purchased a few days earlier. It felt so fucking amazing wearing the brace tight on my shaft and suspending my balls. Still twenty meters away from the couple , I had learnt always keep your distance and await a signal to come closer or an invitation to come and say hi, I could see them talking to each other , the girl still staring at me practically drooling. All of a sudden the conversation between the two ended abruptly then she stood up unleashing the most amazing, huge , firm set of e cup tits i have ever seen... Her curves were astonishing absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Pale skin , lily white, tattoos adorned her chest above her huge boobs she turned side on to reveal an entire back job with Japanese carp. This woman was something out of a fantasy porn. I was shocked , excited aroused all at once... there was no hiding my now huge erection as my semi flaccid cock had now erupted to a full nine inches , circumcised, rock hard , thick... She lay back down as I walked to the fence line that borders the national park and the beach and strapped on my leather brace. I could see them both watching me and noticed they had a bottle of white wine as they drank from the frosted glass picnic cups enjoying the show. Even at that stage i was keeping my distance and thought I would scale the dune high above them and stroke my prick while they watched. Sure enough as I settled in to the best viewing position of them the busty brunette lay on her back while the guy who was extremely average in all respects fingered her beautiful little manicured pussy as she parted her lovely legs.

I started to stroke my length slapping the knob of my huge cock into my spare hand belting it hard into my palm as the veins pulsated and my rock hard cock almost exploded as the leather straps stretched barley able to contain my porn star prick. I noticed another older guy with pony tail wanking his soft cock in the bushes a few meters away, he was one of the creatures that are forever lurking in the bush looking to give or be given a wank or a blowjob by another gay guy. I didnt lose my composure until the girls partner motioned that they were coming up to where we were....

The hot horny pair grabbed a towel and the bottle of wine and glasses and came up the track , I couldnt believe what was going down. Sure i had fooled around with some sexy women and guys at ABay but nothing like this girl. As she walked closer I could see just how gorgeous she was , Brunette almost black long hair tied up in a sexy bun , oversized dark sunglasses, the palest skin that had never seen the sun, adorned with the most beautiful colourful intricate tattoos I had ever seen. She was simply stunning..

Hi im Brooke its our first time here... she said. I was lost for words as i surveyed the curves or body as Brooke surveyed my long rod dripping with pre cum. We introduced our selves as the old dude with the pony tail remained silent. I was lost for words until I said God I love your big tits and tattoos Brooke. Brooke said thanks I like them too, I love your big cock. The guy had an average cock bent to the left and uncut they looked odd together I thought hows this guy with a goddess like that? He blurted out you can fuck her if you want but you need a condom. By then I had Brookes huge fucking firm tits and her bright pink puffy nipples in my mouth the other hand on her hips exploring her ass and brushing over wet cunt. I had two condoms back in my pack at the northern end of the beach with my towel so I explained that i would run back and return shortly with some oil and the condoms. I couldnt fucking believe what was about to go down.

I literally bolted back to my gear at least a half a mile away , my big prick still strapped in the brace hard as a rock still slapping my legs and stomach as I ran with bewildered onlookers staring with varying looks of interest... By the time I returned my heart was pounding out of my chest almost my cock had deflated to full length flaccid as I had removed the cock and ball brace on the way back. Condoms in hand oil and towel in the other I scaled the dune to find the old guy with the pony tail and Brookes partner standing either side of Brooke on her knees wanking the two of them off cum dripping form the young guys bent cock and the old guy cock completely soft!

Im done the guy with Brooke said so am I said the old guy as Brooke giggled and skulled the glass of wine as her partner topped refilled the glass. Fuck her her said. I tried to catch my breath as I encircled my balls and the base of my now hard again sweaty shaft with the first of the leather straps and fastened the steel buckle tight as it would go. Brooke didnt wait for me to assemble the other straps taking the entire top four inches of my cock in her beautiful mouth and licking the knob with her plump rosy red lips. She stood side on to me sucking my pole while I fingered her from behind and groped those huge hanging tits pinching her amazing nipples between my thumb and forefinger. The other two guys stood either side vying for best viewing angles of Brookes cock sucking lips gorging herself on my dick. She turned and backed up to me and I tore the condom packet open and rolled the sleeve down over my long thick wet shaft. Then her guy held her up as she secured herself locking arms with him as i slid my long fat cock deep inside her wet tight perfect little pussy. He said fuck her man fuck her! so I pounded that cunt as fast and hard as i could as Brooke squealed with pleasure . Fucken comeon! she yelled fuck me! The old guy just stood there silent wanking his soft prick speechless. I thrashed her cunt non stop until Brookes man said lay her down and fuck her. I was so turned on I had never done anything like this before and my senses were in overload, she lay on my towel and her huge firm tits didnt even seen to sag or loose shape , all natural no silicon she was just young and in her prime and so fucking horny for my massive penis. I straddled her legs raising them up on my shoulders so i could penetrate as deep as possible slid some coconut oil on my shaft and absolutely pounded her. Brooke panted and gasped as i thrust my dick deep in and out of her , I could see her glistening pussy lips wrap around my girth as fucked her as i had never fucked a woman before.

Two men walked past the foursome and stopped to watch cocks in hand , her guy said we are nearly done her fellas sorry so they just watched as i fucked her every which way i could think of more guys had seen the commotion and soon there must have been seven or more guys wanking it was THE hottest fuck outdoors or anywhere i had ever had and Brooke was making sounds that I had heard no woman ever make before. I said do you want me to stop are you okay and she just grabbed the shaft of my cock and slammed in into her cunt again begging for more.

I said i will never cum with this brace on so i removed the strap and just cut loose on her . I surprised myself at the level of stamina i was displaying must have been the audience , I loved to show off and i fucked her again and again until she came with groans of pleasure , I could feel her thighs resist and tighten around the entire length of my thrusting pole deep inside her vagina. I pulled out and removed the rubber sheath as she rose to her knees taking my swollen throbbing sweaty cock in her mouth and the shaft in her hands . Brooke stroked my cock hard while licking and sucking the head of my cock belting my balls with her fist i yelled pull my fucking balls hard! dont fuck around squeeze them as she gurgled something and gagged on my penis. The men were all hard and some had came and were coming as she looked up with her glasses still on big tits swaying and slippery with salty sweat i could feel a massive load of come about to erupt from my huge fucking shaft into her beautiful cock sucking mouth. I ripped her hand s away and belted my shaft slamming my balls as the first squirt of thick white come gushed over her sunglasses , face and into her mouth . I groaned like an animal and awaited the second gush of come as Brooke took the whole head of my fuck machine in her mouth and I squirted again then again then after a few seconds of cock sucking again even bigger that the first load. As the Busty tattooed brunette Goddess sucked every last drip of cum from my red raw cock she swallowed the lot in one go and said mmmmm now that whats I call a mouthfull... Her partner hepled her up while i gathered myself , i was weak at the knees as i turned to see the crowd saying fucking awesome mate , great fuck, lucky man etc etc Brooke took my great big long thick slippery cock in her hand stroking the entire length of me as my erection went down slowly. Thanks for that stud you can really fuck that was so hot and sucked my nipple biting me hard cupping my balls as I took one last lunge at her amazing perfect 40 E cup tits. Her guy shook my hand and nodded saying nothing, Shows over fellas as they congratulated me on a porn star performance. The sexy bitch went back to her gear and packed up walking the waters edge cleaning herself off in the small surf as I just stood there for a while taking in what had just happened. It was an amazing day , never seen them at the beach since then but im sure there are other couples looking for that kind of action outdoors with a group watching , I loved the sensation cant wait till I see them again but there are plenty of other candidates for an all time fucking that im sure but I doubt they will be as hot as Brooke?