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Adult cinema 2

She was hungry for cock


3 minute read

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As I was being cleaned up by many tongues, I felt the velvet gloves slide up from my still hard twitching cock, along my stomach brushing my nipples and up to my neck. I could feel long soft hair brushing my cheek and chest as she leaned in and whispered in my ear” my turn to cum” Her faint perfume scent was soon replaced by a sweet musky smell of a horny pussy as she squatted over my face and placed her hands on my chest for balance. She positioned her knees on the couch either side of my chest and were her pussy to my searching tongue! She tasted amazing, so wet , so smooth and bald! Her juices were strong and sweet and my tongue flicked along her puss lips to her swollen clit. I flicked her clit as I reached up and massaged her tight firm ass cheeks. I delved my tongue into her deeply as she leans forward and started to suck my cock again. I heard many noises around me but could not concentrate as she swallowed my whole shaft.... I could not resist and slipped my tongue towards her ass hold and tested her willingness.. she ground back at me and I knew then and there I would be fucking her ass soon. She lifted herself up and slid her sloppy pussy down my chest and onto my cock turning around so I could squeeze her soft boobs and tweak her very erect nipples. She leant forward as she ground her pussy onto my cock. I need more cocks she whispered and I sensed movement near my head. She was sucking the Dick near more head with gusto as I fucked her deeper and my balls where flappy her ass. I could feel her tensing as her breathing become faster and more erratic. She pushed down hard on my chest as she pushed back against my pounding. She came loud and hard. Her body tight and tense then shaking as she finished the first part of her orgasm. She then whispered in my ear that she wanted my cock in her ass while she sucked and wanted as M’Bank cocks as he could get . She ripped of my blindfold and only then did I realise how many guys where standing watching wanking and some blowing each other. We were the main show!!!! She moved around kneeled on the lounge with her facing the back of the couch looking back into the crowd. Immediately she had Alcock in her mouth and another in her hand as I gently slid my cock against her ass. She pushed back to get my pulsing head into her ass and see that she wanted more by the way she was wanking the cock faster and sucking quicker. Her long hair was flicking around as she was deep throating one cock and then shifting to a second cock. All the time wanking a third. My cock was growing harder as I pushed it in inch by inch and leaned forward to play with her clit. This tipped her and two of the Covid over at nearly the sams time! She came as two cocks shot loads over her face and back. Both cocks were immediately replaced as the cock that she was wanking erupted over her shoulder and arm. I want cock, ism hungry for Cock she moanedbeteeen mouthfuls! She did not take long to make the next two cocks cover her in cum! She was pushing back to need my flow thrusts but now turned and told me to fuck her and cover her with my load! It took about thirty to 40 seconds for my load to build and spurt all over her back and ass. It was amazing, she was covered in cum and just stood, slowly turning and gently kissed my neck and said only one thing. “Thanks” She walked past the guys picked up her dress and bag and walked out to the toilet without looking back!

Tags: blindfold, breasts, club

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