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Adult cinema fun

I lay back naked and blindfolded, listening to the sounds of people fucking.


3 minute read

I was so excited I could not playing with my cock as I drove to the adult cinema. I was so hard just thinking about my day ahead. I found a parking spot a few blocks away and waited till my cock was under control. I grabbed a blind fold and placed it in my pocket... locked my car and headed to the cinema knowing that I was early and would be the first person inside.. I walked in excited but nervous at the same time. I paid my entry fee and waited for the door to click so I could enter the cinema. I was thrilled to find I was the only one there so moved to the front of the cinema where the three seater lounge was and removed all my clothes. It was so exhilarating to be naked and watching amazing porn on the screen. I laid down and placed the blindfold on and listened to the sounds of hot people sucking licking and fucking!!! I was so hard and slowly played with my thick cut cock. SLOWLY as I wanted to edge myself for a few hours so when I came it was extra huge! I was a little startled and a lot nervous when I heard the door click and knew someone was about to enter and they would be able to see me completely naked!! My nerves were soon overtaken by my hornyness. I heard light footsteps and removed my hand from cock and listened to the video playing again. Nothing happened for what seemed an eternity and then I heard the door click again. More footsteps and I noticed that neither of the people who had entered had sat down.. I wondered if they were standing next to me ? I slowly started to stroke my cock as I listened to the hotty on the visor getting well fucked. The door clicked again and more footsteps. This time I heard slight murmurs and heard the footsteps approaching. They sounded like heels 👠. Mmmm now I was really hard. Click again .. someone else entered. I was more focused on the sound of the heels and that they were right next to my face. I smelt a faint perfume and then felt lips kissing my nipples! Wow 🤩 I was so turned on. A tongue circled my nipples-and moved down my chest towards my twitching aching cock. A pair of velvet gloves hands grabbed my cock and balls as the mouth slowly slid over my cock. I heard more footsteps as people moved closer. While my cock was being swallowed i felt hands tweaking my nipples and heard someone else getting a very wet sloppy blow job next to me. I was so turned on. Mycock was being swallowed so deep . I was trying to contain myself especially when I felt another hand cup my balls. There were hands all over me. The feeling was so intense. Then to make things even more intense I could hear groans and moans and people fucking and sucking. I wanted to hold on.... the person sucking my cock suddenly stopped! I heard a voice say” not yet, I want to see your body covered on this load” My cock was throbbing... Pre cum leaking heavily as I felt several tongues licking my cock. The velvet gloves came back and rubbed my inner thighs as a mouth was swallowing my cock again. I was so close..... again it stopped and I felt the velvet gloves massaging my balls. Then a hand started to stroke my cock and a mouth went to my now tight aching balls. A tongue flicked over my cock as I raised my hips and begged to be able to cum! My cocked was being stroked harder and as I raised my hips the velvet glove squeezed my balls and my load was gushing out snd hit my chin and the second, third and fourth streams covered my chest and stomach. It was amazing! I was still hard as I felt several hands and mouths cleaning all the hot thick cum off me. Part two will let you know what happened next!!

Tags: adventure, anticipation, club

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