Written by Cereus

26 Aug 2014

After the party…

It was the night of my girlfriend’s brother’s buck’s party. He and his mates weren’t a wild bunch. There was a fair bit of drinking and laughter, the obligatory lap dance at a Kings Cross club. Then at about 1am we were in the back seat of his fiancé’s car, my girlfriend in the passenger’s seat, driving through the city.

The women were talking and laughing in the front seat. We boys were crammed tightly in the small backseat. Terry leaned his head toward mine and said, “Horny after that stripper…” I wasn’t sure it was a question or a statement.

“Yeah, I guess…” trying to sound too cool for that sort of thing, when in truth my cock was throbbing and my balls tight, almost too painful.

Terry was a few years younger than his sister and I. He was a nice bloke, quiet, not aggressive, intelligent and funny. He grabbed his obvious erection through his jeans, “Fuck, I am…” This was uncharacteristic for him.

“Me too…” I climbed down off my high horse. The women were too deep in conversation, just under the blaring stereo to hear us in the back.

Suddenly Terry, unzipped his jeans and released his penis. It was about six inches and very thick. His glans was shiny purple and seemed to throb in the half light. I was very turned on. “Put it away mate, save it for Carla” I laughed.

He did put it back. “Sorry mate, I just got carried away.”

“Don’t be sorry, you’ve got a great cock there, Carla must love it.” I was genuine in my praise, he did have a great looking penis.

We drove on in silence until we got to our house. Terry and Carla came in for a night cap. We drank some red wine and talked for a while. I was getting hornier by the second thinking about the Lap Dancers and Terry’s scene in the car.

“Hey Terry, you’re good with PC’s, would you mind having a quick look at my desk top? I think I’ve got a persistent virus that I can’t get rid of.”


We went down to my office under the house. I closed the door. Terry said “Look mate sorry about that before. I’m not gay, and I didn’t want to freak you out.”

“No worries, mate, I liked it.” I sat on the desk and Terry sat in my office chair. “Mate, if there is anything that you ever want to talk about…”

“Look, I’m not gay, I love women, but I’ve always been turned on by cocks. I had a mate at school, we used to play with each other a bit.”

This was getting too much for me. I stood up, undid my belt and fly, and let my cock spring out, I was soaking with pre-cum.

Terry stood and did the same. We were so excited we were shaking. He reached out and gently wrapped his hand around mine, I did the same. “There is one thing that I want to do before I get married.”

“Ahh what’s that?”

“I’ve never sucked a guy before, would you mind?”

“God no, please…”

Terry moved closer and brought his cock close against mine. His was think and straight, mine slightly longer and curved to the left. “Wow, yours is so much like my mate at school, He had seven inches by the time we were fifteen.”

Terry knelt in front of me and took me into his mouth sucking gently and slowly, his fingers were caressing the hair on my tight scrotum.

I came in seconds, he sucked harder as I spurted into his mouth. He drank from my cock like it was a drinking straw.

“Wow…!” I was shaking still.

“Mmm thank you, thank you… I really appreciated that.”

He stood and hugged me, his hard throbbing penis hard against my stomach, I could feel his pre-cum running down to my still hard cock.

I moved him around till he was against the desk. He sat on the desk, jeans around his ankles. This time I knelt between his knees. I took my time exploring his cock and balls. His cock bucked and he groaned, his balls were tight against his body. I stroked Terry’s straight thick shaft slowly. He groaned and shook, I took the head of his cock into my mouth just as he came, and I drank him down as he had swallowed me. I didn’t tell Terry then, but this was a first for me too. I had one previous experience with a man in an adult cinema, we masturbated each other and I had his cum all over my hand, he caught mine in a tissue. It was anonymous and very quick. I felt vaguely dirty after. This time, it felt, well natural.

We sat side by side on the desk. “How was that?”

“Fucking amazing…” he was stroking his half erect penis and had his other hand curled idly around mine, “Your cum tastes amazing, I've tasted my own in Carla’s mouth a couple of times, but that was amazing… fuck feeling you gush into my mouth, thank you, I’ll never forget this.”

“Me either, I'm glad I could help…”

Suddenly there were footsteps on the stairs. We both sprung upright and pulled our jeans up. Still adjusting our flies when the door opened.

“You guys want another drink?” Carla had a bottle of red in her hand. “How’s the computer?”

“Fine now, I think we fixed it…” Terry smiled and offered his still full glass to Carla to top up.

“Not drinking much, boys?”

“Enough…” I said, “Just enough”

Carla left us again.

“Hey, as I said, if there is anything you want to talk about…”

“Thanks mate…”

A few years later after I had broken up with Terry’s sister he came around to my place with a half a carton. We chatted for a while. We talked about his Buck’s night. Neither of us had had any similar experience since that night. We agreed that it was just something that we both needed at the time. He and Carla went on to have two kids, they seem happy. We keep in contact, he is a nice bloke.