Written by by proxy

20 Sep 2010

The entire walk from work I was in two minds as to if I should meet you or keep heading towards the station.. It was almost the Saint vs. the Rogue and guess who won?

"Is that drink for me?"

You had sent me a text saying you were the only one in the bar with a beer and a G&T, so I knew that it was.. I had to ask though.. since I didn't know if I knew your name and even though I'd seen what was in your pants, I didn't know what you looked like!

I was squirmy already. Attractive. Tall. I think we shook hands and I asked your name. Ahh introductions. I liked checking you out. I liked you checking me out, moving my coat, seeing what was underneath. The drink was nice, went down very easily. Talking to you was making me horny. Conversation was hot.. and flirty. Want another drink?

Round 2. Ding Ding. Nice way to start a Thursday night adventure. Mental note, good bar for a G&T, I'll be back. We had been standing up talking. I wanted to stand close to you, sit close to you, feel your hand on my leg like we'd talked about before. I get the feeling you were just as horny as me.. Wanna get a room? Ha. And tomorrow when they ask me at work why I'm still in the same clothes as yesterday? Ha Ha.

We leave. Walk to Crown. Place never changes, hilarious. Over to Southbank, more booze required. PJ's. Worst G&T in Melbourne I'm sure but I'm liking the flirt. Finally get to sit next to each other. Want your hand on my pussy right there. Want to get a room? Do it. Ha. Technical hitch, not meant to be?

I tell you my secrets. You turn me on. You tell me you took more photos at home today, I can't wait to see them. I want you now though. Here in the flesh. By this point I'm aching to kiss you, but not yet. Lets go, over this place.

Melbourne is freezing, back over the river. Almost where I started from hours earlier. Hungry? Dumplings. Yum. Me, you, a table and a restaurant full of people. Hand under the table, on my leg creeping higher towards where I want it. Eat and run, lets get out of here.

Time is ticking. Missed another train. I'm wet and I know it. I want you to feel it. Alley? Hot. I stand on a step, you're much taller than me. Finally I get to taste your lips. I feel your hand lifting my dress and going down my leggings all at the same time, more kissing you while you slide your finger into my wet slit. Ahhh finally. I've been waiting for hours. You're right you know, I probably did pull away a little when I heard footsteps walking past. Not because I wanted to, more subconscious. You took your hand away from my pussy and I watched you suck your finger. Fucking. Sexy. Then you put your finger in my mouth too and it was my turn to have a taste. Hot. Shoulda got a room. Ha.

Another drink? Why not. Somewhere dark and seedy? Fuck yeah. It wasn't seedy or dark but ended up being quiet enough for us to find a couch down the back by ourselves. I sat turned towards you, legs open, your hand stroking my pussy, me wishing it was your tongue. Hard to keep my hands off you. You grab my right hip and squeeze hard, I want a hand on each side grabbing me tight while you fuck me hard. Turned on like crazy at this point. You're fucking sexy when you tell me I should be sitting on your cock. Grrr tease. I know I should be!

There are three toilet doors you say, through a door out the back. Male.. Female.. Disabled.. Meet you in the third door? You're mad I say. I've been escorted out for fucking in toilets before, not fun. Makes my heart beat faster at the thought though, and you go anyway. I stand up, put my coat back on and my bag. I need to go anyway, so walk out the back. I go straight to the third door. Locked. Knock Knock. You open the door. I need a piss don't look! You stand in front of me and start to undo your jeans all I can do is look up at you and nod my head in agreement.

As soon as I see it, I want your cock in my mouth. My hand reaches for your cock to pull you closer so I can taste. Before I know it my lips are around your cock, you taste as good as I'd imagined. I want to suck your dick until your sticky load is in my mouth but I realise I'm still sitting on the loo! I stop, and stand up. You turn me around and bend me over, I have one hand on the wall and your cock instantly in my pussy. Fucking hot. Such a slippery hole, you have teased me all night. You're right I liked the candid conversation too, see what it did?

We fuck real quick, can't stay in here too long, I want my pussy full of your cum. You grab me tight and I feel you unload inside me. Awesome. Now to get out. Hands washed, clothes straightened out, we're off. Back out the front and straight to the door.. Made it. Back into the cold air. Legs still shaking, pussy leaking and heat beating. I'm sure I'm giggling while waiting at the lights. That was hot and I want more. You push my hair back past my ear and grab it. I wanted you to bite my neck right there and fuck me again. Ha. Shoulda got a room.

We hike it back to the train. Almost missed another one. Made it by two minutes. I'm sure I have the biggest grin as I say See Ya! and run off to find a seat down the back of the train where I can think about what just happened on the long ride home. First thing I do is write a long mail to my man about what I'd been up to and what was waiting for him when I got home. Very. Good. Times.