Written by smithfamily

29 Aug 2012

to much work not enough play.

Decided to create some fun. which i did just last nt. a horny Tuesday nt at the airport.

I fly regular, so there is regular pick ups from airport...regular sexy outfits worn by sexy wife to airport pick ups.

I suggested 1 week to wear her long black overcoat and nothing else, she added black stockings long boots and a smile.

It was a very horny sexy ride home.

how to add to that...

organise a surprise meet for her, maybe some kissin touching...

so thru swingers comes, we'll call him Mark..

works close to airport, pic not bad, Shells will find him accetable, I arrange to meet him inside airport, and this took quiet a few weeks to sort out and achieve, hardest thing trying to get working adults together is a time frame when all are availiable.

Eventually with 1 false start, he couldnt quiet get there early enough, had to enjoy the pleasures of a near nude sexy lady driving me home all by myself. So next flight in Mark and I meet at the escalators as arranged.

I did have a small shock first, there was a person in same area expectantly waiting, short, craggy faced, bearded, a sudden flash of, that cant be him, pic nothing like that flew threw my mind.

Then my ph msg went off, twas Mark, on ringing back this gent did not flinch, did not dive expectantly to his phone, phew...

We met, exchanged hellos and got down to making plans on how best to perve and get Shells body into some funtimes.

She was supposed to get out of car, go to rear and open boot, this would enable possible avenues of perving, a quick kiss on meeting and maybe a slight tit rub along the way. Foiled before the game started by a gallant parking attendant enforcing his right of free speech, and his supposed authority by announcing " you cant park there, und the block." These people are adept at this, before the wheels stop turning they are there to make you shove off..shells is adamant tho, she says she's not f^%$#@* moving, picks up her phone and he is dealt with.

I approach, bags aand Mark in tow...kiss hi to sweething, introduce Mark, he leans in for a kiss, grabs a quickie I think, I tell her I will drive, we all clamber in, belt up and we are off.

I look left to see a seething look emanating from this wonderfull sexy lady,( did I mention she is dressed as I wanted, nude, but for an overcoat, stockings and boots ) that look said what are you up to? I am going to kill you!! Before I read that look further, I told her to lay her seat back, Mark wants to say hi some more. I then concentrated on directing the vehicle out of the attandant attendents view.

Mark then speaks up and says that I didnt tell him I had such a sexy lady, he then adds that yes he wants to say hello some more.

I glance as I drive, and see Mark passionately kissing Shells, his hand on her neck, a nice kisser comment is thrown out there, then silence as the kissing proceeds. It's twilight, there's traffic, there's roundabouts and new roads to contend with, and there's kissing. a few more hundred metres and i pull over in a side street and look to the rear, see kissing, and a hand wandering to Shells breast, tracing on top of coat, then sliding inside, can see it cupping her boob, squeezing, massaging it..

then my view is blocked, by Marks head, he is going to suck on Shells boobs, I know what that is like, he is having some fun.

"great tits" and back to kissing....

I am watching this thinking, that could be me, but I know when I get home that will be, and more.

Eventually a hand is snaking its way to paradise, well, to undo and move the coat that blocks its way to a sweet smooth bald fanny that loves attention..and enjoys attention.

I see a hand moving, sense fingers entering, probing the wetness and warmth, see the legs parting to allow access, which is a very horny thing to see in itself.

I decide we have loitered here long enough, dont want attention drawn to a car doing nothing in a strange place, I drive further into the industrial airport area,

I look to the back seat as we scour the side streets, I see Shelly leaning into mark, kissing him, her hand on his cock, still in his pants. I think to myself, wont be long and her mouth will have more than tounge in it. I pull over on a new reasonably empty stretch of road, I look back, and I see what appears to be a reasonble sized hard cock disappering into Shells mouth, she smiles and gets back to what is interesting her. i look on, she is sliding up n down with a pause now n then for a little twirl on the top of the stroke, her hand holding the base of his shaft. Again I think, me in an hr or so.

I hear a slight groan, Marks is enjoying....shells stops, kisses him some more, he goes for her sweet bald pussy again, then pushes her back to attain a position on top, my view is blocked, but from shells parted legs around him, I imagine her sweet, wet bald, horny pussy, ready for his tounge.

And thats just what it gets, cramped in rear seat as it must be, he manages to lick and suck her pussy, again the sight of her raised and parted legs are making me feel horny, i want in there.

Then the time came to call quits on this episode of airport fun...Shells suggests Mark comes home 1 nt for some of the same but more comfort, we all agree.

and we return Mark to the airport to retrieve his car, say our goodbyes and travel home...then another story of sexual relief started..