Written by fuzzleg

9 May 2013

A few years ago, when we lived on the Sunny Coast, Mrs and I were at A Bay with our M friend. Three of us, tucked under the trees on the southern end, along with all the other couples, and regulars. (FYI, Northern end more Gay orientated.)

All nice and innocent, occasional swim, reading books etc. I like going for walks up to the other end to see what I could see.

All in all a lovely day by the seaside. As the afternoon wore one, the crowd thinned out, and those left got a bit bolder. Regulars at A Bay frown on open displays. Understand and agree, when it's crowded. Nothing to rude was happening, one couple were having a big pash, another doing a massage, all innocent, teenage stuff, except, we were all naked..

Mrs was watching proceedings, getting a bit squirmy, M was having trouble with his doodle, had to keep flicking, and readjusting it, which Mrs never failed to notice.... Me, I just stayed on my tummy.

Afternoon getting on, shade creeping over beach. Mrs announced she wanted a last bit of sun before going home. Went for a swim and laid her towel out in the sun, in front of M and I, hanging in the shade. Mrs sets herself up, on her back, feet together, facing us.

M and I are talking crap, watching the world, when I realise Mrs has opened her legs a bit, a fair bit. I look around to see if any of the vultures notice, but it's all clear. I nudge M, and point. His doodle suddenly needs adjusting, as does mine. I ask Mrs when she wants to go, but as she sits up, all she sees is two woodies pointing at her.

We decide to pack up, and head home, me with visions of lots of fun with her when we get there. Mrs had other ideas..

When we packed up, I didn't click that Mrs just put her sarong on, normally she does the whole knickers an stuff thing. As we were heading along the track, we went passed what looked like a fairly unused path. Mrs, in the middle, grabs our hands, and takes us up the garden path. Me in front, her hand on my bum, M behind, being lead by his crotch. We found a little clearing, and, well..

Quick bit of info, when we played with M, Mrs was in charge, it was all for her, and about her. Hey, we Male, we gunna cum sooner or later anyway. It's different for girls.

Okay.. Mrs takes off sarong and lays it down, looks at me me and asks if I would like a taste.. Durr,, I dive in to lick her pussy, as M kneels down to get his dick sucked. Mrs is getting very squirmy, and slurpy on M's dick, M and I swap places so I can feel her yummy lips on my dick. After a bit of a licking, M gets up and rams his quite impressive tool in her, she nearly bit my dick off in the process, but, it kinda felt good,, anyway,,, Mrs get M to pull out so she can get on her hands and knees. I wiggle round to get to her very wet pussy, Mrs grabs my cock, M slips his inside her pussy, and we are all systems go.

I've got my tongue on her clit, and my eyes on this big cock slamming in and out of my wifes little, wet pussy, while having a tonsil tickle the head of my dick.

Heaven on a stick.

We finished our bit of fun with Mrs wanking us over her yummy little boobs. Best part was when she licked us clean, so we just had to return the favour. Got her back on her hands and knees, M on the pussy, me on her rosebud.

Gotta love the beach.