Written by MissTfide

15 Feb 2012

As I reveal my cheeks ...feeling a slight sting to the ass ...looks back atcha and pokes out my tongue ....na na na

ouchies ..dat hurrrrts.. kiss it better this time babe ..as I move closer to your lips with my cheeks ...wigglin and gigglin

Hey cut that out... running your hands around the front of me.. feeling into my wet warm pussy lips ...finding them drippin wet

OOooh it feels soo good as I swing around to face you and burys your face into my tits here ya go suckle me babe as you dig me deeply

swiveling my hips and feeling you finger deeply as I begin to get excited by your touch ..leans closer to your ear saying softly in a groaning fashion .. please Fuck me now

sits myself upon your puter desk just in front of you legs spread up over your shoulders ...my hands open my wetness cmere babe bite me dive deeper with that magical tongue hun

oooh babe it feels sooo good grabbing you at back of head ...tangling my fingers in your hair then pulling you closer to my wet pussy hmmmm hmmmm lickn lips and moaning and groaning now as I fuck your face

My blood begins to boil.. as if you have set fire to my body ...oh babe I`m so fuking hot come fuck me hard

ooh arhhhhhh hmmm mmmmm oooh babe yes yes yes do it.. fuck me.. fuck me.. fuck me.. as I whimper with lust

Gets off puter table and straddle upon your lap... my tits in your mouth.. as I gyrate my hips slowly and hover on your hot throbbing cock ..can you feel my flexing cunt suck you right in

I get a good grip on the back of your chair and begins to fuck you as forcfully as I can ...better stop the wheels on the chair from rolling us around ...lol

OOooh yesssssssssssss such warmth.. the sexuall aromas begin to fill the air with such hotness your beginning to groan your self.. just like a wild animal ...and I love it more n more dont stop keep to the beat with your loving meat babe

the juices of both our bodies mingle together your pre cum and mine as it forms such wetness between us ..dribbling down your ass and all over your chair

slowly lifts my wet pussy off you just leavin the head imbedded as I clench my cunt lips and make a poppin sound.. a I lift off the tip of your cock ...takes your hand and leads you to the shower ...stripping your clothes off on the way ...lets shower now and wash each other

the warm water trickles between us as we passionatly kiss and suck each others face our tongues entwine playfully into each others mouth swapping sweet saliva ...oooh my hands lather up wiv the soap and begins to stroke at your body ..right on the cock and playfully washes it

then I slowly slide down your wet body tongueing you all the way down as I take you cock into my wanting mouth ...my hands gently sqeezin at your lovers balls

my eyes gaze up at you...your lookin down on me smiling .I know you love my sucking as I eat you as if im a wild animal growling as if another was steal my meat

gentle bites are felt on your hot throbbing pulsating cock and you begin to pre cum into my mouth ...gulp as I swallow some... mmmmm yummy

your so hot n hard for me again so we walk together to the bedroom laying on a big bath towel... dripping wet still ...not feeling cold as we radiate such warmth to each other hey babe...

The desire to go on playing with each other begins all over again.both being sooo sexually aroused as the slaps to the bottom start hmmmmmmmmm