12 Jan 2017

We had been to the gym in the morning, then coffee and breakfast before heading off to Birdie about lunch time. There were a few people around and we set up our tent, layed out our towels, and settled in for the afternoon.

It wasn't long before we noticed a small group having a bit of fun, 3 men and one lady. We watched and chatted about what was going on a kept an eye on them throughout the afternoon as they played on and off.

As the afternoon continued we watched the usual track of men up into the hills before we saw a couple head up there as well. As expected they were followed to be watched, we could hear her arse being slapped from where we were. So we ventured across the lagoon to make our way up only to be greeted by a few men, semi hard cocks, saying the show was over. So we ventured back to the lagoon and was joined by one of the men. We chatted for a while, lots about sex, and as he had been part of the mfmm we had been watching we chatted about that, before he went back to his spot, we went back to our towels and watched more action happening along the beach.

Well the mfmm group went by heading to the car park, we stayed a little longer waiting to see if the young man hanging around was going to approach us. Mrs-cc positioned herself in an attempt to offer an invite but it appeared his nerves stopped him. So we packed up and headed to the car park, and there was our friend from the lagoon still there. The other 3 friends of his had gone. So we stood chatting about sex again and after a while he said to mrs-cc, "I would love to fuck you one day if you're interested?"

She looked and replied, "Really?"

He then looked at me then back at her and asked, "Would you like to now, head into the bushes?"

With this mrs-cc looked at me and said, "I know you would like it", then said, "If you would like to!"

With that we grabbed our towels again, a condom for our new friend, and headed to the bush and found a little opening where we set up.

After a bit of kissing, mrs-cc with her hand down the pants of her new friend, we undressed mrs-cc and lay her on the towels. We stripped and slid down beside her. Our new friend went down and ate her pussy much to her delight, before returning to let her taste her own juices off his mouth.

At was at this point she noticed and commented that we had an extra. I turned to see another man standing back masturbating, I asked did she mind. She replied, "Not at all", as she watched the extra man.

I moved down, and knowing how she reacts, slid two fingers in her pussy, curled them upwards applying pressure as she pushed down. The pressure and sensual advances of our friend was too much for her to handle as she braced her self tightly and let the feelings run through her body with a small aquiver as she let out a moan.

I waited for it to subside. Then entered her, slowly fucking her as our friend kissed her on the neck and squeezed her nipples. Then it was his turn, I handed him the condom. He put it on and grabbed mrs-cc by the ankles and pushed her legs back. I took one one ankle from him as he grabbed his cock and moved towards her pussy. With my other hand I separated her pussy lips and felt her expand as his cock slid between my fingers and inside of her. I then sat back, watched, and took photos. My wife being fucked by one man, another man standing close by masturbating. Our friend turned her over and fucked her doggy, her moans sounded gorgeous, the rythym of her body rocked back and forth onto his cock.

Then our friend asked would she mind if we cum on her? To which replied, "Of course you can".

So here was my wife, mrs-cc, layed back on the towel, our new friend on one side, when I asked the other man if he would like to join her on the other side. I stood up between her legs above her pussy. She looked at me with a smile taking both her new friends cocks in her hands. Giving them both a rub before placing her hands behind her head and watching the three of us masturbate over her.

Well first was our new friend who fucked her, spurting a thin flow of cum, landing on her tit, chest, and then as he aimed it directly on her face, little spots landing nicely on her cheeks and lips, as she looked up and smiled at me. As this was happening our second friend started to cum, a nice thick white load, landing on her tit, running down and creating a pool on her chest between her double d cleavage. It was my turn, standing above her pussy as I too released a thick white load of cum. Landing on her stomach, and stretching from her belly button to her clitoris. The men stood and she lay there as I took more photos of her cum covered body. A big smile on her face.

Like true gentlemen the two men helped her to her feet and gave her a thank you kiss. We all dressed and carried our towels to the car park.

Needless to say later that evening mrs-cc was reclaimed by myself, filling her pussy with my cum and helping her to release the tension from inside her that has built up from the afternoon. Just another birdie adventure filled day.