Written by John_n_Shaz

16 Nov 2010

It was a warm afternoon and my wife and I decided to go to our local beach for a bit of relaxation and a swim, we drove down to the top car park and started to unload the car . Sharon always just wears a loose thin dress with no underwear when we go down to the Nude beach so there were a few guys looking already before she had even taken it off . We walked down the steps to the beach where within 3 mins we spoted a guy wanking over near the toilet block. ( its just normal down there) . Set up on the beach got undressed and opened a drink each . After half an hour Sharon need to go to the toilet so she slipped over her dress and headed up to the toilets. She was gone for quiet a while and I was just about to go looking for her when I saw her coming back down the ramp . She was giggling to herself and was smiling. I asked her why she was so long and she explained why...... She had gone into the toilet to find a young guy in there wanking ( the same guy we saw as we arrived )

She went into the cubicle and did what she had to do quickly as she was a little nervous at this stage , as she was sitting there he pushed the door ajar so she could see what he was doing , Sharon being Sharon she smiled and watched fingering herself at the same time. He ended up going in and she started sucking his cock. She mad him cum and huried back down to the beach. As we have been there many times before , this is the kind of thing that goes on and its a real turn on for me when she tells me things like this . We stayed until it started to get dark , as the day went on we had a ton of guys walking past us perving on her shaved pussy ! . Cant wait until the weather picks up again so we can start going back :)