Written by party shagger

8 Mar 2013

I recently started talking with a girl I knew from school, Amy. We haven't talked much since we left but lately she has been contacting me a lot through Facebook. I had a chat with a mate from school who was in the same circle and told him that she's talking to me. He was interested to know why, I myself had no idea why. Anyway she has a boyfriend Dan, who know one really liked during school, although he had a few friends in our circle of friends. Anyway my mate and I were talking and he told me I should try and get with her, see if she will cheat on Dan. Well we had a laugh and joked that I should fuck her and send videos to Dan. After a bit of joking I told him I accepted the challenge. He laughed and told me to go for it.

Now to Amy. To give you an image of her she is only about 5'0", quite small and petite, she did have smallish boobs about a B cup but after school it seems they have grown slightly (possibly surgically) to probably a C cup, not huge but would be a nice handful and has relatively tan skin. When she was single during school she wasn't a slut and didn't sleep with guys but the way she spoke about sex it seems she would be a fun fuck.

Myself. I'm about 6'3", medium build not a muscular build but not overweight, tanned skin as you tend to get in Perth, brown hair with blonde streaks with a slightly messy spike. And the cock is clean shaven, cut and around 7".

After we had been talking again for a couple of weeks I told her it would be good to catch up and she would come around on Monday for lunch as neither of us had work or UNI. She obliged and I told her to come around whenever she was ready. It came to Monday and there was a knock at the door, I walked toward the door in no hurry. I was wearing shorts and footy jumper as it's quite hot. I opened the door, she gives me a big hug and I squeeze back with my hands quite low down her back trying to subtly signal my intentions early. I tell her to sit while I grab lunch. When I do we sit at the table eat and chat for a bit. As we do I can't help but stare at the cleavage she has created in her tight blue singlet. I'm pretty sure she knows that I am staring because half the time I'm not listening to what she says and have no response.

After lunch we chill in the lounge room and talk more and I sit right next her with a view down her top and thighs touching. She gets up to go to the toilet and when she comes back sits back in the same spot but pretty on top of me this time. I plan my move and chuck an arm on top of the couch then slow slide it onto her shoulders she doesn't react to this but that wasn't the end of what I was doing. I find the best way to try this is to tickle her because i know shes ticklish and find ourselves in a position for me to initiate something. I tickle her back and she fidgets, so i continue until she is on top of me pinning my arms down, obviously she isn't strong enough to hold them down and I get my arms free again tickling her back but pulling her down on to me holding her there so her breasts are in my face. I have her just close enough so that I can lick her boobs a little bit through the fabric of her singlet and bra. She pulls back, smiles and shakes her head, no. I smile at her and pull her singlet up a bit, revealing her flat stomach. I continue to pull it up over her breasts and off over head. She smiles again and unclips her blue lacy bra, revealing her full round tits. I have a feel and she has had implants put in not big ones but they have made a difference. She has nice big hard nipples to suck on and play with. She moves back and kneels between my legs on the other end of the couch and says "lets find out what I missed out on in school". She smiles as she can see my erect penis through my shorts. She pulls my shorts off and my cock springs up. She grabs hold and spits on before taking most of it into her mouth. She sucks on it for a bit before I get her to the ground and I stand up to start fucking her throat. As i do I ask her how big Dan's cock is and she pulls off, smiles and says not as big as this one.

I pull her up onto the couch, unbutton her little denim shorts and slide them off, followed by her blue panties. I see her nice tight pink slit for the first time and smile before teasing her with my cock then sliding it in and pounding her smooth, wet pussy. She lays there and takes the pounding moaning and telling me to fuck her hard. I flip over over and sit back on the couch. Amy proceeds to climb on top of me and guides my cock into her tight little hole and bounces on my hard cock. I grab her ass and squeeze as she rides. Then sliding my hands up her back I pull her in toward me to suck on her nipples, caressing them with my tongue. I start thrusting up into her pussy powerfully making her moans increase in volume. I give many fast and powerful thrusts before needing a break. She slowly grinds on my cock while i catch my breath before I pick her up with my cock inside of her still, I take her over to the window and let her down onto her feet. I turn her around and press her up against the window, tits pressed on the glass. I slide my cock into her and start slowly fucking her pussy. I was fucking her for everyone to see, I was waiting for someone to walk past and look into my window to see me pounding this little sluts pussy. Soon enough I could see someone walking along the path on this side of the road and about to pass my house. I pick up the pace and watch the person who has a look at my house before realizing whats in the window. I give a cheeky wave and he speeds up and walks right on by. I don't think Amy even saw him go by, I hope he enjoye what he saw.

With that little thrill out the way, I am about ready to cum. So I get Amy down to her knees after slipping my cock out of her and she starts to lick and tease my cock and play with my balls. I feel my self about to burst and I make a split second decision as to where I'm going to put my load. Seeing she has new titties I better break them in. I get her to push her tits together and I build up the pressure in my shaft to shoot a huge load onto her firm tits and spraying up onto her neck as well. She stands up smiles, tells me it was great, grabs me by the cock and takes me into my shower to clean off. As we showered I asked what she is going to do with Dan. She replied, "I can't stay with him after that can I? Looks like I'll be spending a lot more time with you!"

As she left she gave me a kiss and said she will be seeing me again soon. Smiled and walked to her car. She broke up with Dan two days later and she stays at my house regularly now. Becoming somewhat of a couple...not what I set out to do but I'm not complaining. My mate didn't believe that I'd gone through with it until Amy broke up with Dan and I took a few videos and pictures next time.