Written by Paul

18 Oct 2013

Since my last post Jenny and I have been together on a number of occasions. We have been able to organise our get togethers around work, and although only last a few hours we both look forward to them.

With the school holidays on this is the time we can at least spend the night together as our other halves are usually away with the kids. Two weeks out from the last school holidays Jenny sent me a message asking my plans for the holidays. I told her my kids were going to be with my parents and my wife was going to visit her parents in the second week and I was on my normal work roster. Jenny told me her kids were going to the in-laws as her husband was away. We decided to organise a get together for the second week of the holidays at Jenny's house.

As the day got closer Jenny send me a message to ask me what day I was going to be off work so she could organise her day off. I told Jenny I would be back on the Wednesday and I would be having the Thursday off.

On the Wednesday Jenny messaged me to ask what time I would be in to organise the pick up time. I told her around 6 o'clock that night and she told me she would also make dinner for us. I had a shower before leaving work and sent Jenny a message that I was ready to be picked up. Soon enough Jenny was there to collect me. We used the usual method in getting to her house with me hiding in the back of the car when we got closer.

When we arrived we were soon holding each other and heavily kissing and rubbing each other. Jenny broke the kiss and said she was going to finish cooking dinner. We were soon sitting down having a feed when Jenny announced that our 1 year anniversary had passed a 2 days ago. I couldn't believe that it had been over a year since we had first slept together. I asked Jenny why she slept with me that night and she said after few drinks and not having had sex for over a month she was horny.

As we ate dinner we reminisced on some of the times we had been together and the best one was our sneaky trip away. Remembering how Jenny looked that night got me hard.

After dinner we put the dishes in the dishwasher and went to the lounge room to finish the bottle of wine. By now we were both quite relaxed and rather horny after re-living our past get togethers. As soon as the wine was finished we decided it was time to go to the bedroom.

Once there we held each other and kissed. I quickly removed Jenny's shirt and started to kiss around her neck. Jenny let out some soft moans and I then went to work on her tits and quickly removed her bra. My mouth then went to Jenny's hard nipples and with both my mouth and hand kissed and rubbed them. Jenny was stating to moan louder and shiver as well, so I started to kiss down her tummy and finally to her belly button. I then undone Jenny's jeans and removed them. I then kissed and rubbed the inside of her thighs and worked my way back up kissing the outside of her lace panties and back up to meet her mouth again. We stood there for the next few minutes kissing, cuddling and fondling each other. I then reached down and put my hand down the front of her panties. I felt nothing but a nice smooth hot wet pussy. I then started to rub Jenny's clit and she started to buckle at the knees. I them removed Jenny's panties and she laid down on the bed and I went between her legs an started to eat her hot wet and tasty pussy. Jenny opened her legs right up and my arms were wrapped around the top of her thighs as I continued to enjoy her pussy. Jenny soon began to buck her hips and push her pussy towards my face and her moans got louder. Jenny then wrapped her legs around me and really sped up and came loudly with force.

When Jenny calmed down and released me I moved back up and we kissed again, and she began to remove my clothes. Soon enough I was naked and Jenny reached over to the draw and got a condom and rolled it on my hard cock and mounted me. Being inside that hot wet pussy felt like I was in heaven. Jenny laid moved forward and we kissed some more while Jenny was slowly moving her hips. Jenny sat back upright and continued to move up and down on my cock. I had a hold of Jenny's tits and was giving her nipples a squeeze with my fingers. Jenny's moans got loader and she quickened her pace and soon enough she came again.

Jenny rolled off me and we cuddled and kissed for a few minutes. Jenny then reached down and removed the condom from my cock and said since it our first anniversary she wanted me back inside her without the condom. Jenny them grabbed hold of me rolling over onto her back and pulled me on top of her. As we were kissing I re-entered her very wet pussy and Jenny wrapped her legs around me. Jenny broke the kiss and told me to cum in her. I asked Jenny if this was safe and she said that she was very fertile at the moment and wanted to take the risk. With that I started to kiss Jenny again and began to move my cock in and out of Jenny's pussy at a steady pace. Jenny was bucking her hips to meet my thrusts, so I increased my pace and was now really thrusting hard and fast into Jenny. Now Jenny was beginning to scream and this sent me over the edge, and I buried myself deep into Jenny's unprotected fertile pussy and unloaded. I looked into Jenny's eyes and all I could see was lust and our mouths met and we passionately kissed. I rolled off Jenny and we cuddled and fell asleep.

In the morning I was first to wake so I reached over and began to rub Jenny's pussy, it was still wet and full of my cum. Jenny soon woke and began to moan so I climbed between her legs and began to eat her pussy. Jenny was soon bucking her hips an moaning loudly but before she could cum she pushed me off and rolled over and put her arse in the air. I entered Jenny's cum filled pussy and the feeling was incredible. I grabbed Jenny's hips and began to move in and out of her in a slow deliberate way. Jenny got up off her hands and half turned around I then lent forward and we kissed and with my hand I reached to Jenny's tits and gave them a good rub. Jenny began to push back to meet my thrusts and her moaning got louder, and she got back onto all fours. I grabbed a hold of Jenny's hips and increased the speed of my thrusts and Jenny was now pushing back even harder and making a lot of noise. Soon enough Jenny came very loudly and I continued to pound her from behind. The feeling being inside her pussy was incredible and soon enough I felt my orgasm approaching. After a few more thrusts I buried myself deep and unload another load into Jenny's fertile pussy.

After we both calmed down we held each other and kissed deeply. We then made our way to the shower to clean up and Jenny got me hard again and we went at it in the shower with me cumming inside Jenny for a third time. After our shower Jenny dropped me off a few streets from my house so we didn't arouse suspicion. On the way we talked about the events of the night and both agreed that although our affair has lasted over 12 months the sex is getting more passionate and we enjoy each others company. We kissed and I said to Jenny I am counting the days to our next meeting and Jenny replied that it will have to be sooner rather than later.