Written by Openminded69

28 Aug 2011

We were on our way home after w/end away and were both feeling horny,I was driving and told her to take of her undies so I could play as I drove,she had her skirt up and pussy out as we passed a few cars along the hwy,about 10 mins later wr had come to a truck so I said she should get her tits out as we pass it! We were along side so I slowed down so he could get good look as we passed which he did he beeped the horn as we sped up.about 20ks up the why we stopped for fuel and something to eat and next minute the truckie had pulled in as well,he saw my gf getting to the car and said to me he loved the show!! I told him we were going to stop up the rd soon and fuck an he was welcome to watch he saud he would love to, I got in the car and told gf n we pulled in at first rest spot, about 5 mins later he pulled in and got out I had her naked in seconds as he stood and wanked telling her she great tits I said play with them as I started to lick her pussy n looked up and she was wanking him as he played with her tits,we said he could cum on her, she was now sucking me off n still wanking him he said stop he was almost cumming so wr bent her over the bonnet n I was fingering her as he rubbed his cock over her arse,she pushed her arse out so good play with her pussy more so I grabbed his hand n put it on her pussy he was wanking hard rubbing n playing with her then put his cock against it and shot cum all ova it and her arse and back,I was wanking hard and just slid it up her soaked hole and fucked her till I filled her pussy with cum!! It was a great rest stop, he gave us his no and thanked us as he left , on the way home she played with herself with two loads of cum ova her.hope to find another older truckie again soon ......