Written by dave1974

24 Oct 2013

I had been traveling for work and I often took my caravan to save on accommodation costs. Swingersheaven is great because I can message ladies in the areas that I travel to meet up. I had chatted to Sue (not her real name) a couple of times in the chat room and we agreed when I got to my destination that I would message her. I told her when I arrived and that I was available after work each day. She admitted that she was married and that her husband cant know that she is in her words "being naughty", and that after work was too risky, lunch would be better. So I organised to meet her at my caravan for a lunch time romp. I rushed back to my caravan for a shower, I dared Sue to come over without underwear, and she arrived. She is middle 40s with a curvy figure, I leave the ensuite door wide open and shower away as she comes in. She is wearing an almost see through summer dress which shows she had taken up the dare. I turn to her to expose my semi erect cock "come in" I said. Sue pulls the dress straight over her head exposing her ample breasts and freshly shaved pussy. entering the shower I immediately give her a kiss and cup her c cup breasts. I give each nipple a suck and lick, she drops to her knees in the warm shower and begins to lick the end of my cock. then gently takes it in her mouth and sucks it to full attention. "I cant believe I am actually doing this" she almost boasted, and continued to suck me. I then stand her up get on my knees, place her left foot up on the step, and dive into that wet pussy. Sue moans and groans as I lick her pussy and suck on her hardening clit. I begin to finger her slit and tickle her ass. "come on lets get more comfortable" I said and we left the shower and went to the van. Sue sat on my bed and took my cock deep into her mouth again, her warm mouth caressing my shaft and smothering it in saliva. I play with her gorgeous tits while she licks and sucks my balls. I push her back onto the bed and go down to that sweet wet shaved pussy. It tastes awesome and I work my fingers around her slit and suck on her clit, I end up with 3 fingers deep in her pussy and my little finger wiggling up her ass as the first orgasm builds in her voluptuous body. "oh Fuck " she cries out as the swell of pleasure runs over her body. I slow down as the climax ebbs away an pull a condom on. I rub my stiff cock against her still throbbing wet lips then penetrate her bit by bit as she is still catching her breath. " Thank you " she gasped, "My husband hasn't eaten my cunt for years". I am almost shocked, but turned on by her filthy mouth, so begin to fuck with more vigour. I pace myself I don't want to cum just yet.

"Its coming again" sue yelled, " eat me again please" , I immediately pull out and dive down to her now soaking pussy and suck her lips and drive my tounge deep into her hole, as she begins to cum I slide my thumb into her ass, Sue bucks wildly as her second orgasm flows over her. I jump back into fucking her awesome pussy as she gets her breath.. "Do me doggy,, J*%# wont do that for me", she demanded. How could I refuse this increasingly wild sexy nymph. positioning myself behind her I slid into her pussy and began to pump away. "mmmm yes baby,, fuck me" Sue cooed. I now got a great view of her hot ass, and began to massage pussy juice over her asshole, and fuck her with my finger. "Can I fuck your ass," I pleaded. "I have never done that before" sue confessed, "but you can try,,, be gentle." I massaged my finger and then thumb in and out of her supple ass. "let me know if it hurts or is too much ,,Ok " I told her. I lined my cock up with that juicy ass, and began to push forward. Sue pushed back onto me harder than I expected and popped onto my cock. What a sensational feeling as my cock thrust further and further into that smooth firm ass. I was beginning to doubt that Sue was a ass virgin, but that didn't matter to me. Sue banged back on my cock harder and harder, my cock fully burying itself into her ass. "your turn now honey" sue yelled,,, " Fill my ass with cum". That is as good a cue as I have ever had to go hard. I repositioned myself in a crouch over her well lubed ass and my passed picked up. My balls began to tighten up so I knew it was now inevitable. With 6 or 7 violent thrusts I dumped my cum deep into Sues ass. "wow that was awesome" sue said. I was exhausted and could not get a word out. Sue and I retired to the shower and washed the fuck sweat of our bodies. I had to go back to work and sue had to go home to her husband who was due home from work soon. So we gave each other a kiss and a good bye group and Sue left. I wish I could have barebacked her and left a surprise for her husband. Maybe next time. Sue you know who you are. Thanks and I hope we can do that again. xoxo