8 Jan 2018

I arrived and Pete was already naked, not long after that he went and stood behind the lounge chair so Sam could bend over the lounge chair and take Pete's cock into her mouth.

I stripped off and walked over to where Sam was so I could start running my hands over her ass and slowly slide here's shorts and undies down, I then started to rubbed her pussy and pulling my cock with my free hand.

Once nice and hard I slid my hard cock into Sam's wet pussy and slowly started to fuck her all while she was sucking Pete's hard cock, I picked up the pace alittle and judging by the moans everyone was enjoying.

After abit Pete and I swapped positions so Pete could fuck Sam doggystyle while she sucked my cock.

Pete decided to change positions and layed down side Sam could ride him which was a hot sight seeing them fucking in that position.

I stood up on the lounge chair so Sam could suck my cock and even got down on my knees at one stage so Pete could have ago at sucking my cock until Sam wanted a small break so we stopped.

I kept pulling myself as for some unknown reason I was struggling to stay hard but finally started to get hard enough so then Sam layed down on the lounge and I hopped on top and slid my cock into her for awhile which felt great until my leg cramped up and had to stop so Pete then slid into her wet pussy and took over until everyone stopped for a quick smoke break.

Pete come over so I could suck his cock while Sam finished her smoke then he sat down beside me and we were both pulling our cocks while Sam looked on, Pete then got Sam to sit on my lap and try to get me hard which unfortunately didn't want to work so she went and sat on Pete's hard cock instead and started riding him hard.

I enjoyed the sight and got hard so Pete changed positions so I got to lay on the lounge chair with Sam bending over the lounge chair sucking my cock with him behind her fucking her. This went on until Sam get so exhausted and dropped down beside me and layed there watching me stroke my hard cock until I blew and then Sam went to bed and I left.