Written by tomb63

29 Dec 2014

He wanted a session so my aim was to give him one. I asked him to lay face down on the bed and I slathered massage oil over him and began to rub his back.....I moved slowly down his body being careful to avoid his privates and then went on to massage his legs....sensually moving up and down. I then asked him to turn over and was pleased to notice his erection. I worked his shoulders, chest and stomach, once again avoiding his genitals. I massaged his legs and then sat astride one leg facing away from him and sucked his toes while rubbing my clit back and forward along his leg. Being bent over gave him a bird's eye view and I could hear him catch his breath. Then I turned around and licked my way up his legs to his balls. I gently took each one in turn into my mouth and smiled inwardly as I listened to him moan. His bulging cock was begging for attention and who was I to disappoint. I ran my tongue around the rim of his cock and licked my way down his shaft. Then I took his member into my mouth and as far down my throat as possible. Starting slowly I moved up and down his cock, sucking, swirling my tongue and occasionally giving him a tiny nip. I could taste his precum and when he lifted his hips I knew he was close. I quickened the pace of my mouth and felt the first few spurts hit the back of my throat. I sucked him dry, sat back and wiped my mouth. He still had half a fat so I sat against the end of the bed facing him and began to masturbate. Once I had come twice and he had watched my pussy open and become dripping wet, I noticed that his cock was once again ready for action. I climbed aboard, once again facing away from him and began to pump his cock with my pussy lips. I glanced behind me and noticed him watching the action intently. I rubbed my clit to wet my finger and gently inserted it in his anus. With a throaty groan he returned the favour. I increased the speed of my thrusts and worked my finger harder in his arse. He was pumping my arsehole with his finger and I could hold back no longer....he watched me cum and as I finished I pushed another finger in his arse causing him to begin to protest. He soon stopped as his orgasm took over and he came for the second time that night