Written by George

29 Jul 2017

I work in a large office building and I was contacted by a freight company wanting to discuss the services they offer. I reluctantly agreed and thought I will listen to what they offer, cut the appointment short and get on with my pile of work.

I had a call to say Elouise was in reception for me, so I make my way there to meet Elouise. She was mid thirties, black shoulder length hair, curvy figure and reasonably good looking. She signed in and I took her to one of the small meeting rooms. We sat down and she thank me for my time, she had a thick French accent and amazing blue eyes. She started discussing what they do and I was mesmerised by her eyes and that accent. She had a shirt on but I noticed she had good sized tits, her nipples looked erect and what looked like a nipple bar piercing. My cock was stirring whilst listening to her, I then asked were she was from and she said France close to the German boarder. I instantly thought of those hot German porno's I watched as a kid, they are dirty fuckers.

Small talk continued, were she caught me looking at her tits, smiled and continued talking. She was telling me she was single, how she travelled here and there for holidays, I interrupted and told her I loved her accent and could listen to her all day! I said it was very sexy! She thanked me and started saying how she has no luck finding a boyfriend and all her friends get the attention and not her. I said you must be going to the wrong places then because I certainly found her attractive. I stood up, my cock now hard and poking out in my trousers, I saw her look, while I went over and locked the door.

I walked over to her, took her hand so she stood up and I kissed her. She was cautious at first but I said don't worry, no one can come in and no one can see us. We kissed passionately, my hands squeezing her ample arse before moving up to those tits, my cock was pushing into her through my trousers, her hand went down and stroked my throbbing cock through the material. My hand caressed her tits, her nipples were hard like bullets and I was right she had a piercing. I unbuttoned her shirt and lifted up her bra releasing those round boobs, I bent down taking her tit and nipple in my mouth, I flicked my younger over her nipple and she moaned softly. My hands pulled up her skirt to her waste and I pulled down her knickers, she had a landing strip of black pubic hair but the rest was smooth skin, I pushed back on the table so she laid down, her arse just hanging off the edge, I spread her legs which revealed a glistening pussy as her lips parted. I dove straight in, licking her pussy juices, see tasted sweet and smelt of pussy, I flicked my younger over her clit, sliding a couple of fingers in her whilst doing so. She was very wet and she started moving her hips, moaning softly as I could tell she was enjoying this and nearing orgasm. I stopped, undid my trousers and dropped them to the floor with my boxers. My cock was throbbing, sticking straight up in the air, I moved forwards and slid the tip of my cock over her pussy lips, over her clit and slapped her clit with my cock a few times, I then slid my cock down to her pussy entry, she was moving forwards wanting me to enter her, I did slowly, her pussy wet, hot and soft as I slid further in, her pussy tightly gripped around my cock as she took the whole length, I slid my cock out slowly and then all the way in again, I did this a number of times when all of a sudden she tensed and shivered in front of me as she came, I could feel her pussy pulsating on my cock and wow she was now dripping with her juices, I couldn't resist so I pulled out and dove down between her legs licking up all those juices, my cock was throbbing and I wanted to explode, I stood up and slid my cock in her quickly, she gasped as I started pumping in and out of her, I was going to cum, so I said is it ok to cum inside you and she said yes, that was it my cock just pulsates streams of cum inside her, filling up that pussy full of my hot creamy cum. I slid my cock out and my cum flowed out mixed with her juices, what a sight it was. I had no tissues so I just pulled up my boxers and trousers and handed her her knickers. She slid them on stood up, pulled her skirt down and buttoned up her shirt. I kissed her and we both laughed, she gathered her things and I walked out to reception to sign out. On the way back I grabbed some toilet roll and wiped up the cum off the floor before anyone saw it! Not a bad meeting, wish more could be like that!!