23 Dec 2016

From Shona: “Are you going to suck it?” Ric asks, I am sure his heart was pounding with lustfull excitement.

I look at him like I he has two heads, “Of course I am" I giggle... "You don’t want me to?” I smile back, teasingly

“Of course I do… I just love kissing you, after you’ve sucked another guy’s cock, babe…” he beams at me.

Other times, when I get home, we kiss: "You swallowed his cum, didn't you" "You can tell?" I ask. "Yes, the taste of his semen is very intense on your breath and in your mouth" Ric has said.

"Then kiss me harder, taste him, taste his cum, as you kiss me, baby" I will urge.. jamming my tongue down his throat!

Ric always says, "I know exactly what he wants" and sometimes, if I have not swallowed the new man's cum, I just love to kiss Ric with the other man's warm cum, still splashed, still spread all over my face. Ric gets so excited when I do this. He always loves to find the “sexual proof” of me being a naughty wife, "Mmmm, I can feel their cum leaking out of me.." I say. Finding cum in me, on my breath, or all over me, somewhere, gets Ric so rigid and hard. I love providing the sexual evidence, to make his cock hard! I tell all of you girl's, never clean up!

From Ric: "I love how Shona tries to bring home as much cum as possible from her "play" dates out… "Does my pussy smell well fucked?" she will ask me "I have bought you home something special, all warm and gooey, to eat!" she will tease me. Her pussy can be literally dripping with litres of cum, her skin coated with a slick sheen of drying semen", "I didn't expect him to cum so much" She continues to tease me. "Are you sure you want to eat me out baby?" "it's real messy down there, but I have been greedy, not to letting too much leak" Shona can be such a hot tease...!

From Ric: Shona comes home a dirty and fucked, she usually heads straight to our bedroom for a pee. I usually run to catch her in the bedroom before she pisses away the smell and all the creamy residues of afternoon or evening's sex, from her red and pounded pussy. I love it when she fucks other guys, but when she fucks them and lets them cum in her pussy, it’s wildly insane. I will go to work on her pussy, immediately!

On getting that horny, steamy, rank smell, right into my face. I use my mouth, my fingers, the furthest reaches of my tongue, to inhale, to taste and feel whatever "sweet slick" is left over in her cunt, after her sexual outing. I always am keen to let her feel my urgent sense of passion, for her fucking other men. I will always thank my sexy Shona, for sharing her body. She always teases me as I feel her up, on her getting home. I finger her the moment she comes in the door. "Thats it baby, get those fingers right up inside me" She will breath into my ear. "Can you feel just how much he came?" She whispers. "Is it still warm?" She continues. "Now give me your hand covered in my cunt fluids, I want to look you in the eye, as I suck his cum off your fingers..." "You can tongue fuck me", Shona says, "While I describe him spraying his cum into me!” I love hearing about other guys while I lick my wife’s seasoned pussy.

From Ric: "I find a thick, sweaty, cock smell, between her legs is intensly irresistible". Shona's pussy has had some fantastic cocks, deep inside of it. I say to her as we lay her out, "I love everything about your used pussy, baby" It’s a hot thing we do that I’ll certainly never get tired of. "Now then, we’re going to the bedroom so I can eat the fuck out of your delicious pussy" I will say. I love to look at his cum leaking out of my wife’s worn pussy as she lays back, arse upon some pillows to lift her moist mound to my face. I really encourage all men, to stick out your tongue and taste the flavour that is coating the inside of your own wife’s stretched-out fuck hole. If the walls of her cunt are painted white with thick manly seed. A heavenly overflow is waiting for you! My girl squeezes cum out of her freshly fucked cunt hole and repeatedly wipes her pounded cunt all over my tongue and face. I start on the outside of her pussy, licking and cleaning every precious drop of this horny male seed. I then lap away at the more sluggish cum, planted deep up inside her vagina, I beg, no order her, to push and squeeze as much of his warm, salty, sperm into my eager lapping mouth.... What a wonderful woman Shona is...

From Shona: "Ric, you are the sweetest, sexiest of all husbands!" I say to Ric. "I love the way you kiss me softly and tenderly, all over my pounded pussy, every time I been out and ravaged, you always make me come, again and again". Baby, I’m so fucking happy you are such a sexy, caring and, most of all, such a horny man; surely only a few men would lick the pussy of a wife, like me, who comes home in the small hours of the night and holding her ruined underwear in her hand. The next thing you know, the smell of my sex is filling Ric's nostrils and the taste of my contained cum is on Ric's lips

From Ric: Shona will feed me the creamy sexual essence's, that moisten her pussy hole, when she’s again feeling aroused by the thought of her earlier fucking of another man’s engorged cock. The raw carnal smell and taste of her finger coated in her cunt’s slimy lust, is like an injection of passion into my cock. This is a tasty sexual precursive ritual we both share. As my cock becomes engorged, my heart quickens and my mind descends into the most depraved and carnal thoughts.

So to all you men, when you guys come home late and your wife moves your face to her pussy, can you smell him, can you tasted her infidelity? Have you put your face between your wife’s legs and have you ever inhaled the scent of fresh, delicious, adultorous sex, from within the sweet depths of her open pussy? Does it make your cock leak? Does it make your cock erect and hard? Will you tell her to stop or does your enthusiastic tongue tell her to continue her wanton liasons?

Personally, I always use my tongue to encourage and thank my beautiful wife, for being so sexual...