29 Jan 2016

We have been to this sex club in the city before, and thought we'd try it again - this time with a difference. My slut wore a blindfold, and a lead and collar, so she had no idea who was touching her or fucking her (or where they were about to fuck her). While she was showering and getting ready, I stayed out and spoke to the hostess. When my slut came out with her blindfold on, the hostess stepped up and touched her on the tits, rubbing her and asking her if she was ready to be the slut. She then took hold of her lead and took her to the door where a guy was waiting. She passed him the lead and he led her into the lounge where another guy was standing and watching. He moved her in between both of them, and she took a cock in each hand and started to wank them at the same time. I sat down on the lounge and started stroking my own cock while I watched the scene before me. Both guys were letting their hands wander to her cunt and her arse and sucked on her nipples while she continued to wank them. The hostess then asked if "the slut was wet yet" to which my slut said yes.

I then suggested we move into where the mattresses were and I told them that there were no holes barred if they wore condoms. They put my slut on all fours - one of the guys immediately holding her hips and saying "I'll fuck her arse, seeing as it's on offer". He had a decent sized cock and he wasted no time in pushing it into her. I then put my cock to her lips and she sucked me right in, moaning on my cock while the hard shaft was plunging her arse. The guy quickly came and the second guy waiting turned her on to her back and without hesitation plunged his fat cock balls deep in her cunt. Me and the guy who just blew in her arse held her legs open for easier access.

It was amazing looking down at my slut with her legs spread, her eyes covered and her collar holding her in place for him. She then suggested I finger her arse while his cock was in her so that I could feel his cock through the thin barrier between her cunt and arse. I must admit it was very horny, so at the same time I caressed the guys balls and he came straight away.

My slut then got on her knees and took another cock in her mouth while I proceeded to finger fuck both her holes. She asked me what her arse looked like from being fucked and fingered - so I spread her cheeks so everyone could look at her fuck holes.

There was another woman in the room and my slut searched for her with her blindfold still in place. The other woman stopped and let my slut reach out and run her hands all over her body, seeking out her nipples so that she could take them in her mouth, one at a time. While she was tasting the other woman, I continued to finger fuck her. My slut started fingering the woman and then asked me to finger her at the same time. Me and my slut both fingered the other woman's cunt while my slut kept kissing and sucking her nipples.

The details blur, but at one stage, my slut asked if we could DP her. I discussed with one guy where he wanted to go and he said "I'll take her arse". So I laid down and my slut lowered herself onto my waiting cock. She leaned forward to expose her rosebud to the waiting cock. I felt his cock slide along mine and we both started to fuck her in tandem. She moaned and said "Oh baby, it feels so good - don't stop". We continued to fuck her until the guy in her arse blew his load.

My slut continued to be fucked by anyone and everyone until I grabbed her and plunged by cock into her already lubricated and stretched arsehole. It felt unreal and it wasn't long until I blew my load into her arse, while she moaned and squirmed beneath me.

After that we had a break. She took off her blindfold and we rested on the lounge. Having fucked every man in the building, my slut suggested I "finish her off" by licking her out. The guy who had fucked her arse a number of times invited himself along with us. While I put my tongue on my slut's clit, he straddled her chest and put his cock into her mouth, fucking her mouth while I licked her pussy. My slut quickly got turned on and started to moan loudly around the cock in her mouth. I slipped my fingers inside her cunt and fucked her while I licked. I sensed she was about to come so I shoved a finger in her arse and fucked her pussy and arse at the same time while licking her clit - the guy fucking her mouth pulled his cock out so he could watch her face as she came. She arched her back and orgasmed all over my mouth and fingers. I slowly licked her cunt, lapping up her beautiful juices as she slowly came down from her orgasm. The guy fucking her mouth then turned her over and blew his load into her cunt before thanking her and walking away.

At the time this was finishing, two older guys had came and were watching while pulling their cocks. I told my slut to be a good girl and give one of them a head job. She immediately crawled over on her hands and knees and took him in her mouth. He asked me if she was my whore and I said yes. He said, "You're one lucky bastard"

And I am!