Written by nOrtyboy

25 Mar 2014

Ok so you all enjoyed mrs recent adventures with my mate J, but I should take you all black to where it all started. Roughly 20yrs ago I got to meat J's girl.

First to paint the picture. J and I were in our late teens and measly 20's and shared a place together. We had know each other since our days at school and were very comfortable with each other. Often when our other house mate was out we wouldn't bother about clothes or just wondered around in our jocks. J had a girlfriend and they had been going out for quite awhile, however, she didn't live with us as she had a very catholic background. She would of course spend a fair bit of time at our place and would occasionally stay over. J and I had a fair collection of porn videos, yes VHS, and would often watch them when alone and occasionally we would watch them with his gf.

But one night was better than all others and while it might not have been repeated again until years later still has a special place for us both.

J and I were sitting in the lounge watching a new video. I can't really remember the video but I know we were both sitting on the couch sporting hardons. We heard the front door opening and in walked J's gf. Too late to turn the video off or hide our enjoyment as the front door opened straight into the lounge. She just gave us a knowing smile and said something about nothing ever changes with us or similar. J asked her if she wanted us to turn it off and she said it was ok. We both thought nothing about this as I said before she had watched porn with us before.

I got up from the couch and offered her the seat on the couch next to J and I settled on the floor.

Now a few vital bits of info about her. Lets call her T for this story. T was short, about 5'2" athletic body and great d cup breasts. She normally dressed conservatively though on this night she had come straight from playing netball. Tight white Tshirts and short netball skirt who were we to complain?

We settled in and watched the video. Occasionally chatting about things on screen and either laughing or things that impressed us. As I was on the floor I had a great view of T's legs whenever I turned to them. They were enjoying the film and would occasionally kiss and J w sensually running his hand up and down her thighs. He knew when I was looking at them I was enjoying the view. At one point while they were in a passionate kiss I turned to watch them as the video at that point was a bit boring. J caught me and gently uncrossed her legs so that I got a glimpse of her sports knickers covering her sweet mound. I watched as he slid his hand up her leg and started to rub her pussy. At first she didn't stop him, some watched them instead of the video, suddenly she seemed to remember where she was and stopped him.

We went back to watching the video and from then on whenever they kissed J was only able to feel her beautiful breasts over the top of her shirt.

The video finished and T excused herself to have a shower as she was all sweaty from her game.

While she was gone J and I did our usual job of critiquing the film and rewound it to our fav scenes to watch again.

A few minutes later a sexy looking T returned glowing from her shower with wet hair and a sexy summer nightie on.

She settled back on the couch next to J and saw what we were watching and commented that she also thought this was a good scene. We settled back down to watch the video. Quickly J and T started to make out again. When I turned to watch them T's legs were not crossed this time and J slowly moved her thighs apart and I got my first ever view of her sweet pussy cover in very light and short blonde curly pubes. Looked great to me and J knew I had a view but at his point he had no ideas she was knicker less. He soon slide his hand up and realised. He teased her for a bit before moving his hand away and pulling her legs a little wider apart so that I had a better view.

The scene on the video was coming to an end so I turned back to that. I could hear that T and J were whispering to each other. J wanted to take her to the bedroom, but she shocked me, t wanted to watch her favourite scene first. J agreed and once the othe scene finished he asked if it was ok if she chose the next scene. You're kidding anything was fine with me at this point I'd just been looking at her sweet pussy and now I had the chance to see what she enjoyed why would I say no.

She fast forwarded the video to her fav scene.

So what happened next? What w the scene T wanted to watch? Think I'll write the rest soon if you all like the set up???