Written by Bangers_

4 Oct 2013

During school I made friends with a guy named Daniel, We continued to be mates after school and still are. Obviously when you become good mates with someone you end up meeting family members at some stage. I have met his parents and sister a few times. His sister one year our junior was just 18, Daniel went away with his parents for a week to the Grand Prix. Bree his sister was staying back, car racing was not her thing but I was given a key to look after the dog and take it for walks as they didn't feel she would be reliable to do so. I had been offered by the parents to stay in the spare bedroom if I wanted too, just so that the dog was given some attention but I did feel that it would be a little awkward staying there with Bree.

The day after they left I went around to the house to walk the dog. The alarm was on when I went in, so I knew Bree wasn't in. When I arrived back at the house she was home, exchanged a bit of small talk with but nothing considerable and left. Have never really spoken to her before.

Again I went back the next day. She was home when I arrived. Again, a little small talk. I asked if she wanted to come out with me to walk the dog. Surprisingly she said yes, don't see why she couldn't do it in the first place. As we walked, and when I wasn't picking up poo, we talked. Quite a stale conversation at first but eased into it eventually and we had quite a good conversation. We arrived back at the house after a good walk. I decided to stay at the house for the night seeing as Bree and I were getting along. I realised when I went for a shower that she hadn't planned for me to stay, as there were clothes on the floor of the bathroom. I was intrigued to see the underwear in with the clothes, quite cute bras and panties. My favourites, the matching pink bra and panties with just a little bit of lace. I couldn't help myself but to have a look. 12C cup size. Panties nice and small. I try to place it all back in similar positions to where it was. I have my shower and then just chill in the lounge room, watching some TV. From where Im sat I can see half of the bathroom door, I see Bree walk in there just wearing a t-shirt and underwear. She comes out carrying the clothes I had looked at and I see her glance th me.

The next morning I wake up, I have the day off from UNI and Bree is out of the house. I watch some more TV while I have breakfast. After breakfast I'm feeling a bit horny. I put my hands down my pants and start pulling on my cock. I flick through channels looking for inspiration, get my phone out play a few videos, thankful of the wifi in the house. Porn is good but it's not really hitting the spot. I leave myself alone and get up to go to the toilet, I know bad move with a hard on but when you gotta go. When I came out of the toilet, I saw that Bree's door was open and thought I might check out her room. I didn't venture too far into the room, I didn't really want to touch anything. I did see something of interest that lured me in further, a familiar looking outline under the covers near the pillows. I walked up and pulled the covers back slightly, DILDO. Parents aren't around she mustn't be hiding it. A big dildo at that, 9" thick and flesh coloured. I place it back in the same place and leave the room.

She got home later that day and I had already taken the dog for a walk, I was relaxing. She came in and sat down. We chatted, and chatted and eventually the conversation got a bit dirtier. We started getting into sex, I was getting hard talking to her. She is an attractive girl, and wearing skin tight jeans that hugged her ass. Nothing happened apart from the chat.

Later on I went to her room and knocked quite lightly. She didn't answer. Again, no answer. Thought I better check just in case something was wrong. Opened the door slowly in case she was asleep. Open the door, to see her on top of the covers, dildo inserted in her pussy and she quickly covers up once she realises whats going on. I can feel my cock rapidly hardening, as much as I should turn and walk out, I cant. I snap out of the trance I'm in and walk out. I sit on the lounge, Bree comes out. She apologises, and I can't really take it because I shouldn't have walked in. I'm still hard as a rock in my pants. She does notice as she keeps looking. She sits next to me, really close. I look at her, she looks down, moves her hand over my cock and rubs it a little. I have no objection to this, I grab a tit in one hand, fondling and squeezing it. She pulls my pants down jut enough to pop my cock out, she comments that I have a nice cock and that it's almost as big as her dildo. My cock is a solid 8 inches, thick and cut.

She flicks her hair away and wraps her sweet lips around the head of my throbbing cock. She works the head, then licks the length of the shaft, putting the head back in her mouth and sucking it fast. Only taking in 3-4 inches, still hitting the back of her mouth. She takes my cock with one hand and starts licking and sucking on my balls.

I move her onto her bed and slide her jeans off. She is wearing a little black and purple g-string which I slide down her long, smooth legs. This reveals her wet, pink pussy. I slide a finger in, rest my mouth on her clit and bring her to her first orgasm within a few minutes. I grab my dick, tease the entrance to her sweet pussy with the head my cock and rub the shaft up and down her slit before sliding a few inches into her wet hole. I thrust a few times, then pick her up leaving my cock inside of her and move out into the living room. I put her down on the sofa and start to thrust into her faster and harder. Her pussy squelches as my large cock shifts the juices about inside of her. I pull out and sit down on the couch, Bree flips over and sits down on my dick. She rides and grinds my long shaft, dropping right down to my balls and the releasing almost all the way off my cock. She pulls her top off over her head and releases her magnificent, perky tits from her sexy black and purple lace bra.

Bree is so horny, she jumps off my cock grabs me by the hands and leads me into her parents room, where she tells me to bend her over the bed and fuck her hard! Her ass is in the air and I insert my cock into her hole, I pump her pussy one long stroke at a time, letting my balls slap against her. I pull her up standing, my cock slips out and is slapping against her legs as I walk her back to her room. Put her down on the bed on her back, legs in the air, my cock slides in to her pussy easily. I pump in and out slowly. She grabs her dildo, rubbing it on her clit and my cock, and sucking on it. I thrust faster, feeling my cum build up in my shaft, I pull out and jerk my cock. I jerk my cock while rubbing the underside of my shaft on her clit and pussy lips. My cock is throbbing, sitting just above her stomach. I grip my tool firmly and shoot streams of hot, gooey cum up her stomach and tits.

I lean over her, my head of my cock pokes at her pussy, I give her a kiss. I rub my cum into her skin, massaging her tits.

She became my fuck buddy for a few months before deciding we should stop after a few close calls with her family, almost catching us.