Written by Anonymous

27 Mar 2020

We sat there chatting for a while is the crowded the café now open after all the confusion and stress of self-isolation was now over. We were seated in a corner your chair facing the opposite of mine and almost by the side of mine. We were both enjoying the moment having for so long being kept apart. As we chatted my hand sat on your knee as you were facing me with your back to the café no one was aware as my hand slowly moved up your thigh.

You sighed deeply as my hand reached your inner thigh, your legs parting to allow my hand to slide all the way up. I am surprised as I find that you haven’t worn under wear as you look into my eyes and tell me you have a small butt plug in anticipation of or hotel room after lunch. You are already moist having had my hand caress your thigh long before sliding up and now tracing the folds of your pussy and as my thumb tickles your clit.

I am now hard with the thoughts of what is to come later and how much I am looking forward to being inside your again. You smile a longing look and tell me that you need to use the bathroom, ok I reply, withdrawing my hand to let you stand. You tell me to fix the bill then lean in and tell me to meet you in the disabled toilet in 5, just knock you say.

I wait a couple of minutes then get up and pay the bill I head down the corridor to the bathrooms making sure no one else is in the corridor or about to follow me and I knock on the door. The door is un locked and open you garb my hand and pull me inside. You kiss me deeply your tongue for a brief minute dancing with mine inside your mouth. You stop abruptly turn and lift your skirt then lean forward and place your hands on the basin. It been to long you say as I see the steel base of the butt plug just on the outside of your arsehole.

I want you to pull the butt plug out suck it and then stick your tongue deep in my arse you say. I drop to my knees pulling the butt plug out and watching you arse pucker and open as its released from your butt. You watch as I take in in my mouth, place it in my pocket before I spread your arse cheeks and slip my tongue in as deeply as I can. You release a deep sigh. My tongue circles you arse before I again probe deep inside you, each time you push back trying to get me deeper inside.

You push back hard this time as if pushing me away before you turn take my hand and pull me to my feet. You kiss me again as you release my throbbing cock from my pants. Running your fingers along my shaft before your use your nails for a sudden tease of pain and pleasure. You sit down on the toilet seat and take me deep in your mouth this time your teeth catching on purpose just under the ridge at the base of the ti of my cock before sliding deep into your throat again. Mm

Take off your pants and kneel you say, lick me. You hold your lips open for me as I slide my tongue into your folds and a finger inside of your pussy. Your fantasy you say, you want to taste me drink me, yes I say as you start rubbing your clit. In minutes, you place a hand caressingly at the back of my head and then a stream of fluid sprays into my mouth. I get so hard, I am tasting you, drinking you. You pull my head against your pussy so my mouth covers you and I drink.

You stop just as quickly. I am so horny sliding again you push me away you stand skirt hitched up leaning against the basin. You want my arse don’t you, yes I reply, I want your cock you say. I stand and place the tip of my cock against your arse hole. I just slip it inside you before you push pack to take all of me in you. Fuck me hard you say I start so hard so horny after weeks apart. I quite literally pound you pulling almost all the way out before slamming into you, you juices are flowing I can feel them every time my balls slap against you pussy. Your tight arsehole and the juices flowing over my balls and now down my thighs cause me to explode in orgasm. I push deep into you as say stand still I want to feel you cock throbbing in climax inside me. After a minute, you pull away from me my cock falls away.

You kiss me tell me to dry myself as you grab a paper towel for yourself. If you thought that was good wait till we get to the hotel you say.