Written by Gus01

10 Sep 2011

We were swinging with a new couple,Ron & his wife.

My wife lay naked on the bed and Rons wife lay beside her, kissing her full breasts.

My wife had her knees drawn up & Ron was on his knees stroking his cock as he got ready to enter her.

I had knelt on the floor and had intended to 'rim' her with my finger while Ron gave her his cock.

So my head was between them and I must admit seeing his long cock at such close range was

turning me on.

My wife described my cock as 'short & thick'; his was long & thin.

She grasped his shaft & lead his knob into her beautiful pussy.

I ran my finger around her anus when I could but as they became more active I just enjoyed the sight.

He was soon up to the hilt in her, stroking in and out while she moaned and writhed.

To see his cock pumping her, the smell and sight of her juices made his cock a wonderful sight.

For some reason he pulled right out of her and I was so excited that I leant forward and kissed his shaft.

Never had I touched or kissed a man, but it just seemed exciting.

Ron rubbed himself on me, I think he enjoyed it.

As I was side on to him I could not take him in my mouth, doubt I could have accomdated his length anyrate.

But my wife pushed me off and pulled him back into her in a greedy fashion.

Soon Ron came, heaving and groaning and she too came in a series of heaves.

His cock came out as it shrunk and I saw his cum over her still spread lips.

Ron & I never spoke of what had happened but later alone my wife said what I had done was degrading.

I thought that was a bit rich, as the first night we had meet she gave him a head job as he drove her home!

Never mind, a wonderful night!

Later alone in our bed I mounted her for my satisfaction, though she was rather tired.

As I entered her I found there was a pool of Ron's cum in her pussy and I revelled in it's velvet smoothness.

A big smile came over me - I now knew what it meant to "Bat on a Sticky Wicket" Just heaven!