Written by Cougar

18 Nov 2014

I found myself at a BBQ at a big old double storey home with an outdoor kitchen, the backyard set up to cater for 100-odd, this party no exception. People just kept arriving, families, tables full of food. I hung out with a bunch of guys I'd known for years, some of them had their wives there, a few didn't, a few singles. The drink was flowing and the music was loud, and the son of the family whose house it was, a guy I've known about 10 years, since he was a teenager, me in my twenties. This tall muscly builder (we'll call him Pete) had been making a point of sitting beside me, tickling me, just generally being pretty touchy but to the rest of the party looking like innocent play. I was getting pretty tipsy and enjoying the attention from Pete and the others as we mucked around, a confidence booster for me in my late 30s. The looks I was getting from Pete were becoming more and more direct, more suggestive, and I noticed more furtive touches on my arse as he got braver. As I walked around him (seated) he would slip his hand up the back of my thigh and because I was wearing a dress he could slip his huge hand right between my bum cheeks and onto my twat just for a second without anyone seeing. I was getting hot and wet, but because of where we were I wasn’t expecting it to go any further.

I finished my drink and headed inside to go to the toilet, the downstairs bathroom was busy so I wandered upstairs since I didn’t want to wait to head back to the action. When I came out to the staircase, Pete was leaning against the rail in the stairs waiting for me. I was feeling pretty flirty so I went to step right past him and his hand shot up to my neck, grabbing me and pulling me against him. We started kissing, hot, passionate kisses like he was starving and going to devour me in a second. I felt myself swooning, completely caught up in the moment, so I didn’t mind when he swept me up in his arm pinned me between the wall and his hard, buff torso. I had one leg resting a few steps higher and his hand travelled down my butt and into my bum crack, quickly flicking my g-string out of the way and plunging his fingers straight into my pussy. It was a bit of a shock, but I was so turned on from all the banter and play earlier that I was already dripping wet, and the wave of pleasure I got when he started finger-fucking me in the stairs was only amplified by the risk that another guest would find us! Pete must have thought the same because he whispered “I’m going to fuck that so hard” and picked me up with one arm around my ribcage and the other one firmly inside me, carrying me to his room. Pete put me down and took off his t-shirt – God he was hot, muscles everywhere, super tanned from working outside – and dropped his jeans. What a cock! When it popped up I wasted no time kneeling in front of him, there was already pre-cum on the head and I licked it all the way from the shaft to the tip, enjoying the salty taste, my hand wanking on his shaft as I struggled to fit the whole thing in my mouth. As soon as I got my lips around it Pete grabbed my head with both hands and started gently but firmly fucking my mouth and throat. I love giving head so I just let him take control, getting really turned on by him talking to me, telling me that he was going to fuck me so hard, that he wanted me to scream so loud all his Dad’s friends would hear, that he couldn’t wait to put his rock hard cock in my cunt. After a minute or so he pulled me up off my knees and threw me down on his bed, deftly removing my knickers and pulling my dress up so he could eat me out. It was all I could do to not scream, it felt so good as he bit and sucked my clit, at least two fingers fucking me, and I came almost immediately. I pushed him off and lay him down on the bed, feeling so wanton now, so horny, wanting his huge cock inside me, wanting to ride him. I climbed on top and slid my swollen pussy down on top of his 7” piece of meat, such a thick cock I could feel everything stretching as he pumped in and out of me. I kind of lost myself for a moment, watching Pete and listening to him grunting, holding my hips and rocking me forwards and backwards, and then out of the corner of my eye I saw the door pushing open and two of Pete’s mates, Steve and Marc were peering around the door. I’d been flirting with them downstairs too, and I was enjoying myself so much that rather than rolling off Pete I just gestured them to ‘come in’ with my finger, and pointed them out to Pete.

Marc locked the door this time so we didn’t have any extra visitors, and before Pete even looked over, the new two had already got their jeans off and were wanking themselves as they walked up to the bed. I’ve always fantasized about having double penetration or and MMF threesome and this was throwing an extra cock into the mix, so I was electrified at the possibilities!

Pete immediately sussed out what was happening and pulled me back down so I was still on top of him, but lying across his body on an angle. I felt Steve come up between my legs and out of the corner of my eye I saw him spit on his fingers, then felt him fingering my asshole. There was already so much juice on me from when Pete made me cum before that I didn’t think he needed much more lube, and even though Steve had the smaller cock of the three it was still pretty thick so I had a moment of worry that it would hurt me. I needn’t have worried. Steve rubbed his cock on my ass and I immediately relaxed into it, stopping from grinding on Pete while Steve slid his cock up my ass. I’ve never felt so full. He went in pretty slowly and gave me a minute to adjust, then I started controlling the movement, rocking forwards and enjoying the feel of Pete’s and Steve’s cocks rubbing on each other through the wall of my pussy and ass.

Marc came up in front of me and knelt near Pete’s head, feeding his cock into my mouth. I used my right hand to guide and wank him and set to work straight away, using my left arm to support my weight and rubbing my clit furiously against Pete’s body while Marc fucked me from the back. I came twice in quick succession from the sensation of being taken everywhere at the same time. I timed my movements with giving head so I didn’t have to concentrate too much on that and I could just enjoy what was being done to me. Pretty soon Steve grunted and said fuck I’m gonna blow my load already, and I felt him start cumming in my ass, squeezing cum out around his cock as he moaned. Mark groaned and grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth more frantically, then I tasted cum and started swallowing, sucking all the cum out of him as he slowed down at the end of his orgasm. Pete underneath me started fucking me harder and I felt him tense up and a sudden burst of hot and wet in my cunt as he shot a bucket of cum up my snatch, making me cum one last time as I let go of Marc’s cock with my mouth.

We all extricated ourselves from the pile-up and quickly cleaned up in the bathroom. I straightened my dress and my hair and put my pants back on, and without another word we went back down to the BBQ and joined in as if we hadn’t just been missing for the last 15 minutes! None of the men have spoken of it since to me, but every now and then at a get-together I catch Marc, Steve or Pete looking at me or each other with a cheeky smile and I wonder whether they are getting excited remembering our hot surprise group sex like I do!