Written by me8u68

6 Aug 2012

Whilst on my run today I met up with my mysterious lady from a few months ago. I'd run that same beach numerous times after our first encounter but to no avail, so i'd gone back to just running random beaches in the area.

I've not been seeing many people at all the last few weeks, (It has been cold, and today windy as well) so was a little suprised to see my mystery lady and a friend running a different beach this morning. I was on my way back towards the car when I saw (I'll call her Miss A now i know her name) walking with a friend towards me, I slowed down to just say hi as we passed but she asked me to walk with then for a bit which I was only to happy to do. As we walked I finally found out her name and that of her friend (i'll call Miss K).

It turns out that both are married and Miss A had told Miss K what had happened at our last meeting. Both were rather chatty ladys so I just listened for a while and it soon became apparent that they had something similar on their minds.

With the wind blowing about 20kph nothing was going to happen on the beach for fear of getting sandblasted, so i suggested we take a bush track back towards the cars.

K was not a shy lady at all whipping her top off as soon as we were out of the wind but the cold still made her nipples stick out, A was not to be left out and had hers of not long after and i grabbed a handful of each and pinched, flicked and nibbled away till A joined me in sucking K's tits. A had slid her hand down my pants and was slowly stroking me so my hand found it way down K pants to find a nice wet and hairless pussy, I started playing with her pussy before A pulled K's pant to the ground and i dropped to my knees and burried my face in that soaking wet pussy, she moved to spread her legs a bit more and A started to finger her as I continued to suck and lick her clit.

It didn't take long before K started to cum and her knees began to buckle so I threw my jacket on the ground and laid K on her back. A then suprises me by playing with K's pussy again, inserting 2 then 3 fingers, then she inserts a fourth and starts pumping away, I think they had forgotten I was even there for a moment so I moved around and presented my hard as a rock cock to K's mouth which she opened wide and took about half into her mouth as started to suck away, I was just enjoying myself when A asked me to giver her a hand with K's pussy, I opened my eyes to see A had her whole hand in K's pussy. I scooted around as A pulled her hand out and I quickly slid 3 fingers into that well stretched hole, A put one arm around me and grabbed my wrist with the other and started to push my hand in harder than I would have ever done. After a few minutes it became clear that no matter how hard she pushed my hand was to large to go any deeper than my knuckles, I was amazed that K, a rather small lady could take what she did. K was almost spent by now so I turned my attention to A who still had her pants on and quickly had the pants in the growing pile of discarded clothes. Seeing as A was still playing wjth the well stretched hole I moved behind her and started to ease a couple of fingers into her dripping pussy, it only took a dozen or so strokes and she was squirting all over the place, I went to pull my fingers out to lick her but was told to keep fucking her with as many fingers as I could manage, as she pushed back in time with the thrusts of my hand. K had moved up with me by now and was stroking my cock and biting my ear.

K replaced my hand with hers and slid straight in to the wrist. Hell I almost came there and then!

It was obvious that these ladies had played toghther before so I rested on my heels and watched for a few moments.

The ladies both colapsed on the ground as I just looked on in amazement at what I had just witnessed, I'd never seen two ladies naked together (other than in movies) let alone fisting the living daylights out of each other. K was the first to rouse after a minute or so and moved over to start sucking on my cock, as she did that I reached down and started rubbing her butt. A reached over and smacked K's ass so hard that I thought K would bite my cock off but instead she just groaned and sucked harder, these ladies just kept suprising me time and time again.

I was getting close to cumming when A told me to get behind her and fuck her as hard as I could, which I did, sliding into that soaking wet pussy all the way on the first stroke and pounded for all I was worth, It didn't take long before I emptied a huge load deep inside her and as I began to slide out K jumped in to suck me clean before sucking my cum out of A.

Again I was happy to sit back and watch and did for a little while till A told me to hurry up and fuck K who was still head down in A's pussy. It was amazing that I was hard again so soon and slid easily into her, A moved around and started stroking my balls as I pumped away, then started to finger K's ass, as say's to me "shove that cock in here"

I must have had my mouth hanging open as she asked if I'd actually fucked a lady in the ass before (I had but many years ago and only the one) I wasted no time now pulling out of her pussy and pressing against her puckered little asshole, she was very tight and I kept pressure and slowly eased into her. K was moaning in what I thought was a bit of pain but when I started to ease out they both told me to get it back in and start to push as deep as i could. I couldn't believe how long I was lasting as I kept pounding that ass and finally came after what seemed like ages. I emptied what seemed like another ton of sperm balls deep in her ass, and watched as a bit dribbled out when I pulled out, she quickly spun round and sucked me clean for the second time.

We were all spent and slowly got dressed for the long walk back to the car.

As we walked back I found out that A and K had been seeing each other since before they were married and neither husband had any intrest in joining them in their adventures. I was also suprised when they said they were both over 50, both were quiet fit and A was the taller at about 5'5", I thought maybe early to mid 40 at most. After a bit more chatting on the way back to the car I was continually suprised by how open the ladies were and whilst no contact details were exchanged A told me to keep an eye out for one or both on the beach.

I'm going to be running more from now on!!!!!!!